The Death Thread






It sucks losing so many chars that die to stupid deaths


Dang, dude! 6 years ago a gravestone that size was pretty rare to see. What an awesome find! I feel like even two years ago an 8/8 grave meant something. Now it is almost more rare to see an unmaxed gravestone. Crazy how quickly things have changed.


due to stupidity…


Prob my stupidest death, I went into a para lvl 3, I saw one of the big minions drop an att pot and I tried to pick it up and died.

That was my first oreo in my life and I didn’t get to test it out because I had no mana.

That pixie was from a candyland and not trading.


that’s the soulbound pixie that you can’t get from trading.

only clands or st chests


:flushed: What th- why! Para isn’t that hard of a dungeon, but why would you go in as a L3 no matter your equipment? (Ignore the strict UPE challenge.)


I was a dark blue star


Ooh, older death. That makes more sense!


whenever anyone mentions old deaths i remember this stupidity that i pulled off


And another OT death on USW3. Was trying to rush but ended up getting chain paralyzed.



lag. at dwarf miner event


Frame lag or latency lag?




You mean Triforce Syndrome?


no. triforce syndrome is dying a lot cuz bad
i like to think that im less afflicted by it than i once was

this was ding cuz lag.
same result, different reason


Meanwhile, we call dying while looking at your phone or anywhere but the game, thinking you’re safe, ‘Wilhuff Syndrome’.


Dang, I must have a serious case of that


I’m sorry I’m confused. Which lag was it?