The Death Thread


ddocks is dangerous




So many people go to the Glands right off the bat, too. I haven’t checked it lately, but last time I tested, it’s actually highly inefficient to go there immediately, because you earn way less exp in the first 10 levels at a higher death risk. The same goes for all higher level enemies, as far as I’m aware.


Lowlands until level 6-8 and then highlands from there, that’s how I tend to do it


or into an godland/highland dungeon with lvl >5

my last char did an ancient ruins with lvl 10, got 20 within the boss fight



‘‘Imagine dying with Oreo lol’’
-me, probably

goes into tomb solo
invul on cooldown while armor broken and paralyzed
That blank ring spot was my only E.Y.E too ;_;


my tribute to henez


couldn’t directly upload for some reason


Dying in Shaitan’s Lair after commenting “I like all of the court dungeons.”

Dying in Fungal Cavern after telling my guildmate “Wait. I’ll be there after this fungal.”

Dying to MBD. How classic of me


for fucks sake


on the bright side, I got enough fame for the next rune fame box, and got a shield rune from it.

honestly worth it


@Orsome We truly live in a reversed world, where worms eat ducks…


we dont talk about that


speaking of shield runes, how would one go about selling one? i have one id like to sell.


check the offers on the realmeye trading section.
Alternatively a majority of the large realm discord servers have trading channels where you can put your offer


I would recommend either doing it for a discord that has a good reputation or just message someone in the “h” guild. I am pretty sure they still are actively doing guild O3s and they are trustworthy. It is very easy to be scammed so make sure you know what you are getting into, whether it is okay if you join the raid, etc.


After a bad lagspike, I was sitting on the tentacle and died soon after
I even saw someone say “F” before dying :sob:


Roller coaster emotion episode 4 after getting Judge’s Robe. A failed Abyss rush on USW3… No worry she didn’t die with Resu or Watarimono (because I vaulted them) other than that Legacy Twilight Robe.

Don’t rush Abyss.


But I rush them on my ninja for fun on occasion! :frowning: