The Death Thread


Never successfully rushed one, I’ll try on my ninja, if I die it’s your fault


rip shoulda nexused or drank hp pots. First mbc attempt in a while, boy oh boy survival while separated from group is scary. Welp, there goes an 8/8


The Blackest Friday of them all




rip ogmur (had E.Y.E. ring equipped)


why do you have items shadows


did i accidentally do something


How could you! Suiciding an assassin?!!!


it happens, rip.


Episode 5 of roller coaster moment after getting good stuffs… Yes, he was my GLand farmer Sorc.

Was raiding Nests with 3 other guildies but then got panicked… Now that adds to 3rd Nest death.


My mystic with every orb except machine white & conflict died big sad :sob:


Now what episode of roller coaster moment this is? Oh yes, it’s episode 7. After obtained ST set parts.

Not a harakiri. Here goes my 2nd petless Youmu got popped by the sun again when handling the Sun phase. I legit LOL’ed when it happened.

At the most she died with the Reconstruction reskin of Masamune and Hydra (which it gave her 75 Vit with DCircle). Bad thing is I can’t get the set back.

Hoping that in the next incarnation, she will live longer.





Went into a Pub Shatt that Ava dropped, didn’t realize it can be real dirty. Was just about to yeet myself to Nexus but then get sat on an Ice Sphere. There goes my 1st Prot.

Help me plz, I can’t keep a Priest alive…


Protip: Don’t do public shatters. Even if you do survive all the way to the king, you won’t win unless a trickster is there as well thanks to the stupid rage phase reaching all the way to the bottom now.

I know this cause I tried to 3 man a public shatters a few months ago and we found that out the hard way.


Second post here, i am the stupidest motherf*cker on the planet. Never level with UTs kids


Dangg that woulda been a hot bard


A cursed void that led to the death of our friend’s #1 Global Priest, OxyArch… to the nasty stacked shot attacks from the Void, as well as…


A guildie who lost an extremely stacked knight to MBD

What a rough run that was, but at least Oxy is now #2 in All Time Legends for now~


Our guild’s top character just died…today is cursed for us


OxyArch account kinda sus


Holy crap, you were raiding Void with my ex-guild. I used to be in Create Story myself but I transferred a month ago or so.