The Death Thread


oc2 oc3


sudden unexpected death while i was typing at spawn

“that’s what happens when you play ninja”, so i’m assuming he was rushing

i just realized i said “oh shoot!” and his name is SHOOThard… didn’t mean to pun there lol


omg DD died with me, so cute <3


rip preist :sob:



rip my last crown



Wait… did you sit on him during his sword phase?


also why reskin t6 quiv and normal t6 quiv?


Nah, maybe kage likes the aesthetic one of them gives with different armor choices or smth


a e s t h e t i c


Was raiding Fungal with my ex-guild, but then got sat on it, again. There goes my 4th DBow. Time to spam UDL.


Yep, Survival Phase is scary. Got slowed and a Pillar finished me off. 5th LH death. I don’t count surviving to Survival Phase as a progress IMO because me with moderate group.


Yep, still haven’t managed to get past survival phase myself (since the vital combat update). It really is something else


Seriously, a bit too much bullet spam and too much status effect?

Hence the HP pots I had to spam.

Imma grab OBS to record and study MBC’s bullets patterns. Still want to get complete my solo LH.


Keep working at it :wink:


Next run later…


some fools relying on a knight


Don’t completely trust a Knight.


Y’know, maybe if you tried using one of those hp rings you hate so much instead of a FULL DPS GO BRRRR ring you might’ve survived. Defensive playing > Offense.

I literally do not see any benefit in using a UB Att during survival of all phases, especially since you’re clearly not soloing.


What??? Nah, that’s crazy. Get outa here with that sensible talk.