The Death Thread



Let me be frank, I don’t hate the UBHP/Deca themselves, but the way they are so overused that others are considered obsolete by many.


well, they’re overused because the game is so much harder without them. it doesn’t matter if you want to use ubatk everywhere else, just slap even a t4-5 hp ring on for survival and you won’t die.


I can agree that in endgame dungeon, HP ring reigns the supreme. But once you have good dodging, DPS ring can help

What about in casual gameplay? I meant to say not factoring endgame dungeons.

I saw that you told me being “stubborn” and “dying repetitively” before you edited the post.

Here is the thing: It’s not I’m stubborn to slap a Para/Exa HP. I even did that right after my Rogue gets rekt without HP boost (and before you advice me).


Alright, you can believe whatever you want to believe, play however you want to play; its not my place to tell you what to do.

I said it might have saved you. Not that it will guarantee. The 2nd part is you have to learn from your mistakes. The extra hp just serves to make that slightly less punishing, not an end all.

If you’re going to ask why I didn’t say that in the first place, its because I expected you to learn on your own; I can only provide you a direction. I can’t hold your hand and guide you all the way from point A to point B.


Try bringing jugg, makes it a cakewalk if you avoid purple shots


You should join create story voids then. They bring at least 4 priests a run.


“Cross ga-” (Where is my cshield at ;_; )


I did.

Ain’t risking my Jugg dude.


Failed rush to Skeyper…


sword landed right on him


I struggled to do survival before. Now, I’ve done 30 alone on my jugg warrior. Give it a try.


1st ornament death
stacked gods in wall


dumb dungeon dont do it


this person got a double white, and a random jackal came in and killed him

it wasn’t funny he died… it just looked funny on my screen
also i didn’t know it was the person who got double white at the time
kinda sucked when i read it again and it was the double white guy


Knight has equally high defence


If you use tops on warrior that’s 60 def, with jugg that’s 90 def. doesn’t knight have like 75 def or something with tops


Even if it’s slightly less def overall all I’m hearing is “make a knight with tops so you don’t lose a valuable item while learning a dungeon”


Spawned a frosty with 2/3 of the hardest pieces but then he just zooms right onto me during the phase where he shoots waves of snowballs in 4 directions, I had at least 65 speed, and just as he gets right on top of me he fires the set of snowball shotguns.

I knew the harder frosty’s were faster, but I didn’t expect him for be that fast :confused:



taduki was a nice person from brazil i just met minutes before this death :frowning: