The Death Thread



@BUTBOY Leading their friends into a cult, but got ravaged by the Cultists ;n;

@Tamagaraa I could not save them in time u_u


Ok good bye agent of oryx set archer


That comment made dying almost worth it




2 deaths that are 2 months away from each other, but they look awfully similar


I’m surprised I didn’t see anybody die from cdepths in the Death Thread


Isn’t it enough that I died in wlab?


speaking of cdepths.

that was my first death in cdepths. and it was also in the first few hours of me trying out the new update.
what did i learn? well, don’t get too close to the son of arachna when you’re slowed, and on webbed floors.


Well, there goes my 1st Void death. Dang it, I just need one more MBC mark for the quest.

Why do I always experience minor delay of shots registering to my character whenever I’m in ASE???


is that your teacher in the background?


Yeah I forgot to silence it… I will record again.

Edit: Here it is.


She almost dodged it… almost! Lost my Valentine Archer set


Bad Survival Phase. Didn’t realize I ran out of HP pots on my Quick Slot and get finished off by a Pillar…

@PhantomMod gave me this SS as I requested it.


thanks, if you were following me <3

good things don’t last forever, sadly~

there goes the 2-year necromancer ppe.
never even got that cult staff…


Rip #1 necromancer…


That’s a stacked wizard PhantomMod


U mean necro?


same difference