The Death Thread


8/8 Wizard
like 5k fame
sat on the red cube that rotates around on 2nd boss in 3d




@Papapoul and @BuniaMocy You know, the Swarm Tree doesn’t actually stat attacking until you hit it.

@Firecrart Tried to go in for the stun…but alas!

@EZfkinOryx Not so EZ when it’s Jack Frost, apparently.

@KYVSjacky Needle phase’d.


What status effects do those Soldier Bees deal per shot? I don’t even know!! Ugh!!
I really wish they’d just remove confuse from the Nest entirely already. It’s just not fun.
I even had a pet skin on me, the Zebra Spider, from the chest.


my one and only guildie died… but he forced it, needed fame.


three people died in the beginning phase (i think they were accidentally running in the honey)



read that as “got groped” :flushed:




MT rushing is scary lol


Woah that rogue was stacked


lately, i’ve been posting my death threads along w/ my white bag threads, and it’s making me sad… like am i bad luck? so ominous


Died once when I rushed with my 7/8 Bard. Don’t rush MT.


What the actual frick i got insta popped on 8/8 pally. Jack just suddenly shot out a ton of shots and i got instaed. i really enjoyed that guy while I had him for all of 2 days. There goes all my candies I wasted on him. Dang it.


Dude every single 8/8 that dies to jack was candied. At least you’re part of the majority.


I candied my Wizard yesterday (well only the Mana Candy b/c I got a bad MP roll, require me to chow down 6 more Manas than usual).

Anyways… Those 2 dudes got shotgunned when O2 goes rage b/c no Knights. Yeah I got the top damage thanks to my Tablet (but then RNG told me “Nah m8, you ain’t getting anything.”).




My first bard died a few minutes ago. Was fun to play and throw parrots everywehre. :slight_smile:


Ah, another bee cloth user.



bee cloth user?


I remembered gemsbok easier :laughing: an appearance was made by @CandyShi though
Edit: this was an insane character! I am so sad that he died. Deca is so bad and this death was totally unfair omg. Im never gonna recover from this.