The Death Thread


nooooooo why would you try o3 with those items
too much of a risk to lose those :frowning:


The bard has a bee cloth on them. I only know because I threw one on at some point.


I know :sob: i miss him so much already…



I ate those bullets like it was breakfast


what did you die to? i’m not very familiar w/ these bosses and phases, and couldn’t see
w/ that many deaths at once, i’m assuming it’s an insta kill i should watch out for?


Yeah there was a ton of bullets and I probably should have remembered I had an ability and teleported to the other side of the room, but gemsbok shoots out beams that do a ton of damage and these ones were directed towards the group and with all the players (even with opacity) I couldn’t see them too well and I tanked a full line of bullets.


I’m so dumb

I originally made this post to ask if you were on a good character when you died, then realized halfway through typing it that you have already shown the screenshot and I had already replied to it


idk how they actually died in that phase

My best guess would he petrify + bombed + coin ran over them


Thank you. Did not know this. Got the clothes from a random event (chest, jack frost, present… ) and I always put on clothes I find.


Right, done my one Sanctuary for the event, so here’s the (major) deaths from it!

@Triforcej (this doubles as a stalk) Honestly, pretty dang impressive nonetheless.

@Rolinrolan and @Jiilano Elite for a reason!

@Ebooooola (yikes), @FutuRe, and @GODMEAN I fricked up my rotation and stayed in one place, nearly getting utterly destroyed, but I lived to tell you all of these brave deaths!


Got insta-popped by this dude without warning. I was going to retire this Priest when I hit to 2k base fame but then… this happened. Yep, that’s my 1st Puri, I still have one more though.

Died with Umeko who was an 8/8 Pally rushing CDepth.


And then, I did another O3. Cause, you know, I don’t think my heart needs rest.

@DkPPE, @RiniMJr, @MERPPUP, @Suppei, @Elementss, and @FrostyDu Leucoryx’ “bomb” phase claimed TONS of lives here.
Then we got a counter, and because I literally cannot deal with 3rd counter, I ended up nexusing on a sliver of health =v="
also featuring @CrayKiller the forumer


fun game


And @PrimeGrind


Just dodge


And then I did a third Sanctuary!

@Domenicoeo Trapped by a wall of heavenly beams, they were brutally ran over.


dangit i was so close
now to confirm candy’s guess in a different thread…


When you slapped the Nexus key but didn’t respond in time…

Edit: Don’t raid O3 on your main character plz… Again, same reason that rekt my Necro.

2 deaths within an hour, bad luck for me.


no lag

no. actually have no idea how it happened. was full health.

evidently i didn’t have enough health. i was maxed defence.
Ah i see. huh.