The Death Thread


Did you got AB’ed?


Pretty sure you did not have enough Defence to take that whole barrage of shots.


No no no, that’s not what I meant. The minion shots deals 55 and 60 damage. And based on your set, you have 41 Defence (or more if you have Exaltations). That’s 14 and 19 damage, not enough to reduce their attacks to minimum.


6 x 19 = 114 damage per insect minion burst tanked; and there are definitely at least 8 of them there.
Aye, that’ll do you in…


That’s what happened to my 8/8 trickster…


I don’t have a picture, but I’ve lost 6 8/8s in the past 5 days or so. I will learn how to beat those sanctuary bosses consistently. I WILL.


That’s rough. Are you just trying to push those exaltations while you can with the 8/8’s? Normally I would do that with other dungeons, but for once, O3 seems like the kind of dungeon for test dummies.


I’ve literally been too scared to even attempt Oryx’s Sanctuary before this, so during Oryxmas, I trained up 10 8/8s and told myself they were cannon fodder while I forced myself to learn. I made sure I didn’t have any emotional connection to them and I only gave them O2 tops so I didn’t feel bad when they died.


ive been using 0/8s with 10/4/10/4 set i buy with fame ez


Welp, that didn’t last long. Failed Fungal solo b/c dragging that worm incorrectly, took damage, pressed R but then a bit too late, again… I seriously need to focus on the mini-map.

P.S.: Dummy popped the Fungal key.


Oh dang you got sandwiched. That spider had a vendetta against you or something lol


Hopefully the next solo attempt, I get to Worm Mom at the very least.


I tried a solo fungal and almost died on worm mom’s second phase. i still have another key left. Want to try to duo?


Nah. I don’t have any spare character to throw in RN.


Fuck, my Bard ate the whole Sun, again… When I go in to spam my parrots…

Died with Covert, CBow, GSorc, UBDef, UBAtt, Skyward Lute, an Inc (and with the equips that were shown in the death screen). I can replace everything immediately except the Concertina bicos, me no have its BP.


that would sound really weird in any other situation


After saying they didn’t want to die on their character because it had 10K base fame.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish and do the cult because the grim reaper made a guest appearance.


Soloed CDepth b4 but then this one… got ran over by SoA…


Got run over by a son of a… what now?