The Death Thread


Erm, nothing.


He was making a joke about the term ‘son of a gun’ (usually with something other than gun) because you said son of a (he knew you meant son of Arachna but was making the joke)


A big oof


I can tell it’s a big death when the screen behind is black. When i die and it’s really bad, I just sit there and stare for a bit


My first reaction whenever I die is to take a screenshot. Whenever it’s a good character I die on I just get the wind knocked out of me and think, “wow that really happened. That character is really gone.”


I was gonna reply “that was what happened to me when my necro died yesterday” but I realized that I just dreamt it lol

thats probably a sign that I should cut back on playing it a bit :sweat_smile:


Maybe lol. How much do you play? Because if it’s 2 hrs/day or less then i don’t think it’s playtime issue


I play around 30-90 minutes per day, but I spend a lot more time than that thinking about it

I am mildly addicted


When dudes did not full clear on a public PChamber…

Rebuilt 'im quite quickly because I have spare pots to throw.


Yes, that’s almost happened to me a few times. They are very sketchy on unmaxed npe with no hp pots and get constant drags and barrels kicked into you


This game is insanity


I was running low on fame anyways… ;-;


A bit too reckless… Died with the Cutter that I just forged.


Another one… Pressed R but delayed (no not me delay, the server).


Now we have that


90% of the deaths here are prc smh

Anyway I died today on my Christmas necro on my 2nd last shats to 5/5 because I forgot that the lava comes in after last boss dies if you don’t insta, I’m an idiot


You mean currently?


Spamming Void Blade but got paralyzed…

But then I spammed R when Daichi TPs except… this happens. Totally my fault…


I’m so glad I’m not the only one that’s done this. I was void blading the first place where he tps and my friend messaged me in the chat and when I looked up, Daichi was on top of me and I insta-died. Most embarrassing death of my realm career. (Right after that time I got the whole Bergenia set and then instantly died with it to a gship in the realm).


I should have just waited for the update that changed the scorpion lol.

From the Jan 26 Post: " * Fixed a stacked shots issue related to split Crystallized Scorpion"