The Death Thread


23 graves I counted ( not mine, someone elses screen )



Pretty lucky I didn’t have my jugg on me lol


yep fame is perfectly balanced now yes yes


Got a massive lag spike then shots just spawn on me :confused:


Did expect death coming up after getting good stuffs. There goes one of my 8/8.

This is the reason why to stock up spare pots, who knows when I need them.

Edit: Got a pog HP roll when lving (6 less Lives to max) and got her back to 7/8.


Rip tablet


I still have one more.

Prolly not use my 2nd Tablet for now.


RIP @Dbiz first char

tell me why do you have to mourn a death that happened 2 years ago


When you can’t rush MT even with Jugg on <3


a moment of silence for our recently departed friend, the warrior…


Not the tablett


When you did not realize Megamoth have shot leftovers…


tip: dont follow the lucky leviathan like a retard


You ever had that moment where you think to yourself “don’t teleport onto it” and then proceeded to move your cursor right on top of it, look at it for a second, still think nothing is wrong, and then use your ability?

idk what to say, just don’t play too much?


Oh, yes. rip trickster with ghostly prism. “Jump on that stupid enemies and jump around!” :smiley:


Didn’t have my game sounds as high as usually so didn’t hear when I loaded in.
So I tabbed back in half a second before I died :frowning:

(Sorry @PhantomMod for afking unexpectedly. Feel bad that I was in the way of your drag)


well that’s what i get for playing so early in the morning…




First time trying 3rd dimension for the dungeon completion. Got overwhelmed at boss. By far my best character fame wise. Was 1 forax and 1 reef away from a few thousand more fame. :frowning:


Sadly, after 15 oryx 3 completes, i got a bit too cocky and refused to nexus while at 200 hp and sick. Totally my fault but hey, i just need to find another st armor to go back fighting!