The Death Thread


Was cult run but some smart rl decided to do mbd and then he also picked a crappy eu server that was rubber banding like mad, and when everything rubber banded back into the screen i died. Was spamming ‘r’ the whole time too


If Mbd is close you may as well do it because it drops pots and brain and it’s very hard to die without lag


Yes I know, but most of the people didn’t want to do MBD and it was rubber banding the whole dungeon


Partial account reset:


I may have lost my last 8/8, pogmur, and banhammer doing something extremely stupid today


noooooo :broken_heart:


I have no idea how this happened


Double 8/8 deaths in a day, not bad <3

That face when you are in Zoom meeting and have to tab out. Oh well, just my throwaway Samu, not big of a deal.

Let me spice this up:

Brainfarted a sec and ate those stingers like they were breakfasts.


oh we’re doing samurai deaths?

had shield rune in backpack :confused:




How the fuck do i even stop this


Hit cancel, other than that you cant


If you were actively dying, that’s sucky. I’ve been there. Ctrl+Alt+Delete (or equivalent) and ending your (Rotmg) task in the task manager might be your best bet, given that you can move quickly enough.


i was frameskipping and when it cleared i saw it was not responding and it brought up that prompt when i closed in task manager


That’s unusual. I usually get that kind of notice first, and the task manager shuts it all down. It sounds like you did your best, then. :frowning:


Alternatively, there’s always our good friend the Oh Shiet Button, which will be faster.



Got jumped on and rekt. Why, just why…


Why Chinese windows? Also I can’t even play during class since since Zoom consumes my connection.


Because I’m Chinese and I wanted my language setting in Chinese.

I was in Breakout room for my Cisco class. Oh and Discord also eats away my connection when playing RotMG.


I frequently forget that that exists. Thanks for the reminder!