The Death Thread


No offense but how many reasons for wanting Chinese windows are there other than being Chinese?


fair point I guess


Here’s me being an absolute fucking clown and tping into daichi shotgun while trying to fix where I was decoying. Got that cdirk earlier the same day after not getting any event whites for a year so im really sad lol




I really shouldn’t play this game in class


I’m big dumb. Always nexus if you have lag during stinger phase. My best PPE and best end fame though :0


f in the chat bois


Trying to get my 1/5 Def and Mana Exalt except… got sandwiched between shots and got clapped. Also, I didn’t realize that I was using UBMP than my Exa HP kek.


Who are you and what did you do to the real PRCSakura?


I know when certain dungeons that HP is better than others.

In most of cases, I prefer non-HP boosting items.

And I don’t want to start another bickering like this.


True, true. Rip your samurai.


It’s fine man, that Samu was just a throwaway. My main one though, alive and well.


After one year, it is finally time for my ogmur knight to rest.

Farewell brother, you brought me lots of fun. :pray:


this. hurts. why ogmur to o3??///?

i know, but like i suck at the game. cant imagine bringing an event white (with that sexy set) to o3


It has good stats, it’s and good for minibosses, also providing higher damage than T6 ( less than T7 )


Oh and I mean what shield would you bring to O3 tbh, except maybe the new berserk shield


O3 himself immune to AB effect :confused:

Either way, RIP his Oggy (prolly his only one).


uhh t6 on a throwaway so you dont die with anything good


Happened a little while ago. Playing while tiered seems to be my biggest downfall :c


I was typing “Oggy time” and didn’t realize I was standing on a crystal the whole time. Yes, that was my 2nd Jugg (and the 2/4 of the Dragon Tamer set) and had a good laugh about it <3

At the end of day, don’t type while you stand next to fairly threatening enemies.


That was devastating, shouldn’t have tried soloing it… T ^T