The Death Thread




think it was a suicide


Because Hobbit Mage is the most OP enemy in the entire game. No cap.


had the lovely idea of waking up at 5 in the morning, taking a shot at playing the game, getting too tired to think straight, and spending the next ten minutes running backwards with my camera off-center while half asleep :joy:


I frameskipped in a udl on my ppe. Kinda annoys me since it was going so good.


(srry for making two posts my internet’s pretty slow right now)


not sure if the clip will show but I died to an invisible ‘pterasite’ bomb in parasite. :sob:



really did come out of nowhere


I’d go complain to Deca or something but character revives are non existent. :upside_down_face: Plus I don’t care that much about samurai, though I did like playing on it.


Also you there were ones being dropped by an invisible enemy just before so maybe you should have been more careful :frowning:


Rip. I think next time start a low lands raid and call your friends before trying to take on such an unbalanced enemy.


perhaps, but I wasn’t expecting an invis enemy so I failed to account for the bombs being dropped on my character :frowning: its also possible the ones being fired from the thing in the middle weren’t being shown as they went through the air



2 8/8s in 2 days…

Afked in sewer. First character to 5k base. First character to 10k base. First to 15k. First to 20k.
We came all this way, but now comes the day, to bid you farewell!
-The last goodbye, by Billy Boyd


afk? otherwise how could this possibly happen


Those Goblin Brutes, they are really scary.

35 Armor piercing damage may not be a lot but they can stack up real quickly. When I try to rush in Sewer and I get slowed with bunch of those Brutes it’s pretty much means death or yeeting yourself to Nexus.


I was alt tabbed like an idiot and there goes my best character…


Rip Ninja, top 5 on leaderboards now


@Lesponko & @KarthusR


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