The Death Thread


That’s exactly what occurred. I thought it got quietly patched, since I hadn’t noticed it at all the last few times I’ve played - annoying to see it’s still around…

That’s not what the brute is >:O


ah… so soon after 9k too. that stings

and i had that char for ages too - but oh well. characters are meant to die.


Wlab popped in nexus = level 20 0/8s dying


omg real devilrealm!!1!


Ah crap now I remember you, back in the wlab event a lil bit ago you said hi to me and I didn’t know who you were. I feel so bad now!


Her last words were yelling out to Summoner "AVENGE ME!.. AVENGE ME!


baboon tries to flex on others, fails to hold spacebar and dies


That would be my problem with cshield, too. Even when I am positive I am holding my ability down it sometimes isn’t held down, which is noticeable when going on things like ninja.


sigh, gems is the only hard mini, only goal in the game atm was exalted necro so ill quit for a bit hopefully


@ArcadeR, sacrificed to the chase phase:


I call this “Dumbass dies trying to get top damage for absolutely no reason”
Got my first tablet yesterday from keyper and I waste it :confused: my last crown and last vesture are gone now too
And no, Gun got top damage.


quit except for some fun halls rushes and stuff, but then i lag :frowning: you can even see the sad boi outside the room


why diplo and vesture on same char? also tablet to o3? ballsy


One year old character with 20k base fame. Well uh, i did not expect it to die this way.


First summoner… She kicked so much ass while tearing through the campaign that I thought she was immortal. Through sheer stupidity and complacency I got her killed trying to pick up loot. Kids, don’t follow




If you need a spare UBHP, hook me up. I have 3 of them but 2 of them were obtained legitimately.


NOOOOOOOOO I swear I need a better computer I literally got a frameskip during tentacles :weary: