The Death Thread


ahhh the wlab t-room gets everybody the first time :frowning:


Not only on the first time, either. Especially if there isn’t a lot of people, it can be kinda scary :O


Yeah, I had been having a ton of fun soloing with the Summoner. It is a seriously powerful class! Successfully did a cdepths, ddocks, tomb, nest, and up to the final phase of cult (I should have finished it… Got spooked by a paralyze minion), so I didn’t think a wlab would be any issue at all. That troom was savage, though! I even chugged a few health potions but either it wasn’t enough or I was sickened or something. Oh well, time to grind out to max another one!


Yes, the grenades got me. The field of stars looks like the main damage dealer, and the animals you also need to deal with. But the grenades, which are much darker so easy to ignore, do a lot of damage while you plan your approach from what you think is a safe distance. An added factor is you can’t see your own HP bar while at the edge facing in.


Imo it is is easy solo or in a good group but if the minions aren’t cleared or you arrive late you can die very quickly


Had a clean MBC but not so clean Void… Got 1/5 Def Exalt from that run as well.


happened so fast


nooooo :broken_heart:


D…don’t you mean hit me up?
Cause “to hook up with” means dating :flushed:




you just had to make it awkward, huh.


Er-hem. English mishaps aside…

A victim of Toastrz design™. Desynced the charge and the shot, causing me to get shotgunned right as it jumped on me.


I clearly did not learn my lesson the first time 'round :c

Now on a less jokey side of deaths…

It appears I…forgot to take into account that pillars are actually tangible, solid objects that you can’t move through :confused: Bummer…

Thankfully I got replacements for everything lost on that archer, so I just rebuilt him 5 minutes after that unfortunate incident uwu"


OMG The mighty PhantomMod has me and my twin locked :smiley:


@DeeBomb no more Bergenias for my summoner :slight_smile: he died while trying to get another one


Summoner is a “she” BTW.


Oh, sorry. Did not notice. My eyes are bad.


91k bf ;-;
Lumiaire, t14 wand, 7 diff tomes(including leuc tome and moral support xD) vesture and my last crown
I was going to suicide it after getting the exalted skin, now i need to complete exalts on another char, im so sad :cry:


Ok, so an hour or so ago, I got to oryx 3 for the first time. I was trying to survive the celestial tornado phase.
then I went right a bit, trying to dodge both the shots from oryx and one of the portals.
I then get hit by the shots that went in the same spot, and so I tried to nexus. well, it was too late and I died.

Also, the getting hit sequence was something like this: *hit* *multiple hit noises* *death noise*
all that happened in a few moments.

So yeah, that sucks.


IIRC somebody told me not to walk on the portals because it is an instant pop.