The Death Thread


Some advice on completing celestial. Try to stay were the shot gaps in the portals will be, ie steadily rotating to the right. Then focus on dodging the shots from Oryx’s in those gaps.


Died on my summoner about 0.5 milliseconds after crafting my first IncuMace. RIP 3 bee helms (still no stinger smh) and my only spider mace. Got slowed, confused, and sat on, should have nexused but I thought I could heal through it. I could not.

Definitely nice to have the 14K+ fame from this character dying, though! I was down to only like 1.5K.


O2 at start. That’s even worse than my last ninja death! D:

Other equipment was Void Blade, Oryx Katana, T6 star, UBHP, and Weakening Christmas Ornament Ring.

Time to use those candies, and earlier than expected. At least I have a T12 katana, CSilk, another Midnight Star, and Exa HP (for some reason)



Suicide is never the right option, kids


W8 why commited Harakiri?


So i can make an archer and actually be useful because QoT


Slowing is useful :frowning:


any huntress can slow. Very few people can daze.


I did the exact same thing, except it was three hivemind maces, and i died trying to learn O3 in celestial.


Some random dudes shot Dammah at the beginning and triggered the counter.


did not notice they can hit so hard


@MTSTREX got too close on his final phase:


death of my summoner npe rip :weary:. Man, it just really sucks, I think I’ma take a break from the ppe thread not bc of the death, but because of the o3 event


Literally pressed R when I got low… (because I was using MHeal pet without HP heal).

1st CLib death after IDK amount of completions. RIP Fungie BPlate.


@Mari got a bit to far ahead of everyone else:




Experienced ping lag, spammed R and ate those Stingers like breakfast again.


but why ubmp. Ubhp might have given you a better chance.


UBMP as a pseudo-DPS ring for Samu, well to spam Waki more often.