The Death Thread


Yeah that’s a great pro tip actually, if you don’t wanna die just don’t talk to anyone while playing realm, i think like 90% of my deaths happen when an RL or other people talking don’t let me focus on dodging


All the blame is on me to be honest, my fault for distracting myself. Most my deaths happen when I’m just tired, should just stop playing when I’m supposed to be asleep.


can i just say omori pfp located


Highest ever death fame, 3rd highest base fame character.
This was my PPE character from a guild competition, my first real attempt at a PPE, and I had a blast! I found a lot of great loot, honestly, though sadly zero UTs usable by the character and only 1 ST, an anointed robe. Still a really enjoyable experience, though!

Plus now I don’t have to worry about fame for pet feeding for a while :wink:

Bookwyrm’s NPE thread (Summoner’s secondary goal met)


Losing the Hollow King Necro set seriously is a big loss due to how stupid rare they are


200k dead fame! (almost) got that sexy red glow


… at least this set is easy to get.


i’d say you’d have to get pretty fucking lucky to get it, the armor drops from the rarest dungeon in glands and i ran like actual 100+ ruins for the quiver


Yes but for people like me getting one of the pieces is like freaking guaranteed for me from st chests. My last two I opened were both the bow.


For the tcave key there is a quest (“Run the Table”) at the tinckerer. I have about 25 keys in my gift chests. And I go into every tcave I can find out in the glands (with the lucky djinn there’s a guaranteed drop). Got 3 or 4 of the armors and bows in my vault. Just from the quivers I have only one stored. The rings (amulet) are really common if you don’t just rush to the boss in Ancient Ruins.

In Ancient Ruins (and also in Manors) I mostly kill everything. The common sts there are good feedpower. And it’s the best chance to spot all t rooms.

Good luck in completing the set with the quiver.


I already completed it and died with it in o3, i thought it was a pretty trash st set, but usable


I thought about 50% of the st chests contain the hook!? :smiley:


The -10 dex proc should be a +10 dex proc. As the bow itself is similar to a doom bow. That would make it better. But I had fun with mine, until he died. :smiley:


( Nothing’s more rarer than Machine )



Why… why commited another harakiri???


probably for character slots.


I’m fine with the suicide, just that please don’t make the music so loud it hurts my ears -_-


My man, my volume is literally at 16, it’s your volume. also my game is muted, not really quiet.