The Death Thread




Getting paralyzed and roasted really hurts…

RL’s response: " I’m so sorry PRC "


@Arkhine rushed, called, then got sat on by the red spider.


I do wanna “turn Celebrity to Virtual Mate”


(your email adress? is visible in the top left, might want to crop that out)

but thats a clean fame number, almost worth the death


Shhhhhh <3

Exactly 10k fame was pretty pog as well.


This happened a really long time ago. I had died just earlier and I was not in the mood… 12 fame tho!!! :smiley:


To bee a touch more precise: contact damage is done rather…hackily, in Realm.
It’s really just a 0-speed, invisible projectile that continuously gets spawned by the object, which obviously results in instances where you get dealt more damage than you’d expect.

Unlike those instances, though, the Boulder apparently uses projectiles that cover 1 tile in 0.1s. I don’t know how it shoots them, but it can evidently stack, somehow 0n0


Died with 9 unused HP pots on me. RIP.


I decided to sit inside the circle of crystals and lotl. An easily avoidable death.


No worry man, you are not alone and I faced the worst (aka dying with my 2nd Jugg on a max-Defence build Warrior):


rip 7/8 priest, hope you try to get another 8/8 and succeed! I’ve stood inside crystals a few times, so I mean I understand how someone can forget, but just try to remember beforehand that that phases is incoming.


Bard AFKs for a few seconds in a toxic sewers, instantly regrets it.
(Next to the spawn area on the portal of cowardice)

I miss having /pause.


nooo, big f

that’s why I don’t rush paras


With an honest apology from me to those who benefited from it legitimately, I’m personally glad it’s gone in retaliation to the myriad of those who abused it.


Another day, another death…(Special thanks to all the people waiting for me to get into the boss room)


I got jumped completely…

Spooky Boi goes “Hi how ya doing?” and she ate that phat shotgun…


isn’t it great to visit your own grave? :slight_smile:




yes 5th slot is superior

Meh I was sure I was gonna die soon I wasn’t dying at all recently

Didn’t expect it to be 2am when you try to dodge crab mindlessly and walk into cannon balls like a retard I kinda deserve this death