The Death Thread


That was definitely intentional.


it really wasn’t. That was the first time I died in a Lost halls.


You said that you gonna commit Harakiri when your Assassin hits 15k.


Why would i go into a lost halls and die? I can just walk on lava.


Explain this. And you happened to get killed when that Assassin hits to 15k.


must be a coincidence.


40k+ base fame


How did it happened?


I’m not too sure myself, the rusher was going a bit slow, so I teleported to help, ran through a crusher abomination… don’t know what happened after, it was so fast. I just immediately died.
I’m not sure why it says escaped experiment on there, maybe the crusher just brought me down to very low, and the experiment finished me off? Not sure how the crusher managed that in the first place though, it shouldn’t have been buffed since we were trying to rush.


rip the crown


Fuck. There goes my last Concertina and back to square one…

With CBow, T6 Lute, Water Dragon Silk Robe, UBDef and TShots…


Yikes that sucks.

Been avoiding ddocks quite a lot due to the calamity crab, it’s not too hard of a mini-boss but damn can it catch you off guard and kill a good character.

Anyways RIP, hope you get the concertina back soon ^^


Oh no, not Hatsune Miku my favorite singer!

If ur down bad I can rush DD for u

or whatever the fuck dungeon. I’m kind of a legend god rusher.


I mean trickster rushing is easier in most epic dungeons than knight, warrior and other classes


I can rush DD on an archer just so you know.


Its an easy rush on anything. Lots of open space


ye bt trickster is the fastest if you know how to do it well.


which I obviously know how to play well.


of course not. trickster is your main only because your good at it


Fuck. There goes my 8 months old Sorc…

Can’t recall how many characters did he (re)maxed during his lifetime. But there he goes, dying to those blobombs because there is something called internet lag.