The Death Thread






Yea 5k base from top 3 and 10k base from top 2 >:(


dying is cringe


Dying from lag is more cringe B)


Careful man, bad karma will come to you eventually.


I lost literally nothing valuable but why is it a game mechanic for these things to spawn on top of you and blow you into oblivion the moment you make the barest contact with the intersection between a hallway and room


Stack bombed…

Disengaged from the Dance around 400 HP and still happened…


not happening


f in chat to the best ppe I’ve done, you will be remembered


Was that during Celestial or what?


yea I got a seriously bad celestial rotation


When I get home I’ll make another samurai and get 300k base on that or 200k and die lol


The lag strikes again B)

btw if you dont think its lag and im just making this all up look where my screen is centred on and then look at where my grave is there in completely different places lol


Failed Tomb rush after rushed uh… 40+ of them?


@Smaakmaker discovers that karma’s a bitch sometimes. (in the wrong place at the wrong time as Oryx rubber banded back during the chase phase)


rip my 8/8 rogue with 14k base fame 1k off yay because I thought rock dragon wut and then I got 1 shotted yay


@Pidras should have stood by me for his Inspired boost instead of taking his Summoner inside the ring on the dance phase.


Screenshot plz?


Trio’ing on main Wizzy gone wrong… 15 bf before 5k…