The Death Thread


Really, really rough death for me. This was my only avarice, tenne, monocle, and stinger I have ever had, and though I have had one other bloody cloak it is so sad to see this one go (and not even equipped, at that). This was also my first death in 3D after dozens of completes and solos without issue, so I’m pretty annoyed at myself. Sad to see him go, though my pet definitely has eaten well from that fame!





Thought rls always said for melees to stay back during this phase now I see why :sweat_smile:


Oof, summoner shots hide the aoe bombs, summoners shouldn’t go in there.


Likely the lamest death on this thread, but this is ridiculous…clearly I did not learn my lesson last time
fr tho how does one not get popped by this thing


Shoot it.


but it spawned on top of me how D:


There is an animation of it rising up to telegraph before it attacks.


Ah I see. Seems like I dismissed it as part of the decor


me too


@SenorG missed stun:


Happened to me once when I go in for the stun.


Escu supremacy B)


Looks like I didn’t learnt my lesson from last time… 3 days after losing my 2/4 Wizzy and died to the crystals again.

Gonna aim for Rogue or Necro.


i quit


New Shats is wiping out my account.


Plz don’t tell me they are your main characters…


Plus I lost a 8/8 priest to O3 the day before so i’m 5 8/8’s down in a matter of days.


Seriously, you need to remax…