The Death Thread


get fucked


no problem, it’s just a bard and I was sleeping :slight_smile:


+24% damage nest is pretty dangerous


Guild o3s >:D


That’s me there. 19k base fame Sorc so had a pretty good run. I had not checked the rest of the mods; after someone mentioned there was a Prismimic should have checked for what was worse about it.


I’m quite terrified of the damage modifiers on certain dungeons, so i always check them. Shame about your sorc.


(UNPOPULAR OPINION) nests are really easy ngl, I serious don’t understand how people died, even with increased damage


f in chat


What happened here?? Three people, killed by the same thing, all within a minute of each other? RIP, wish I could’ve seen that.


Quits after losing one mediocre chara L




Old screenshots kekw.



Hmm, I wonder…


Ping lag moment (there goes my 4/4 Archer):


@TheHolyTea done in by a Lucky Djinn


that bomb has got to go

i just saw Anvimor’s comment :joy:


Auto-cremated several dudes dang…


when you fall asleep in the god lands…

RIP funny Sorcerer


Had this trickster for many months. Used it for pot farming in godlands dungeons. But yesterday this would be put to an end by Oryx 2.