The Death Thread


why funny? what did it have equipped?


RIP by far my best character I have ever had. 89 hours of active play time over the course of nearly two years. Only missing Battle for the Nexus to have every dungeon completion. Over 75 nest, shatters, cult, and void completes. Working on the fungal exaltations when an insta-fractal with boosted damage got the best of me. He will be greatly missed.

The Achievement Thread

Soul’s Guidance and Scepter of Devastation.

Funny because many emenies die in other rooms or bosses while invincible, e.g. Septavius or the Ruin’s Titan (Soul’s Guidance), and others are one-shotted from very far away (Devastation).


Just few hundred bf from 5 stars…


See that wouldn’t have happened if you were using miku skin




should’ve nexused the moment i started lagging on shotgun phase, smh


Hellbabe tried to explain me something about Gemsbok after needing to Nexus from a minion…and I thought I could barely live a shotgun. Turns out it deals way more damage than I anticipated.

I have another Garland for my collection, and Christmas is not that far away, so hopefully I can score a couple / the blueprint then >u<


wow im so good at this game


Ah…oops;; Being too close to the Keyper is a bad mistake


Oh w8, you committed harakiri wtf.


Nice joke deca, thankd for patch (Invulnarable after teleport)


wow, that’s huge bug… eventually only trickster is affected (conflicts with his teleport skill)? I tp often, anywhere, and always got the invulnarability)


It happens on every class, invincibility is activated after you to so there are a few frames you can die in, this is especially bad in blue aliens because the yellow things can be dragged to kill people


i just checked and i have 53 8/8 deaths this year, 24 i would consider have ok sets, 15 that i would say are 4/4ish. Im so good holy shit. btw its 76 total 8/8 deaths and 1447 total deaths (most of which were ppe attempts because i cant play well)


yes. yes you are.



not a ‘death’, but we all know he’s probably dead inside


You even lost the exclusive Minecraft Golden warrior set ;-;


Oops… I knew better than to cut across the middle