The Death Thread


@Adz blobbombed


well, I got cornered being chased, spammed the nexus key, and turns out it was too late.
there were others with me also being chased.

the backpack was full of deava crystals, so now an entire backpack worth of points is gone forever.
this death sucks because I had that summoner for at least a year.
and the total fame was actually 8400 something.

what I did after.

after that, I made another summoner and maxed to 6/8 with stat candies(maxed atk with pots).


Rush failed after I get slowed and getting AB’ed. There goes my 3rd Coronation.


after 40 glorious o3s on one character… Just 35 more on my other backup pls :pray:


should probably wake up before playing


@Skandling rip. Better off standing close to the avatar, the pattern is quite easy


A stupid death? Yes, very.




Rip my PPE archer, died 4 days from its 1st birthday. My first 8/8 PPE ,and my highest base/total fame char ever. Got an ogmur and qot on this bad boy. RIP he died because i was checking out the map where i thought id be safe.


Caption: Sakura failed Abby rushing again on a 67 Defence Samurai.


ye… um, camera reset accidentally in a key with more boss damage… took the conflict off at least but the orb is going to be a pain to get back when i hop on again. just lost my necro too so i don’t have a char to exalt. and that ring was the final thing i needed to forge a horn for my trix…



48 hrs of playtime :frowning:
we killed monstro and i just immediately popped where i stood

The Achievement Thread



phat oof


Caption: Skill Issue Episode 2 (Reseted the camera by accident).

Knew I would die to Bilgewater someday.


knew it would happen sooner or later, was hopping to at least get diplo or a 8% tome though. Honestly nothing i can say here, my fault 100%, lapse of judgement and thats that for the account for a while, might continue once i get into the game again. Honestly the new account was really fun except for the fungal and nest grind which i gave up on after 2/5 lol


this is why we don’t write papers while playing realm


Other good reasons not to write papers while playing:

  • procrastinating


Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! I thought he was dead and now my wizard is… Didn’t lose anything that bad (Antimony set and terror spell) but this is the second wizard I killed foolishly with around 13K base fame