The Death Thread


@Kovz. One of those O2s where none of the Knights knew how to stun him, even when he’s a sitting duck as the 4th phase starts. So he was chasing players with his shotgun and …

Also pretty good loot: except one ATT and the O1 mark it was all from O2.


A screenshot can’t do this justice. Here’s a clip of what is by far my stupidest death ever.


MY death sucked because i was 1k away from 15k


The first Kensei death I’ve seen on prod. Got shotgunned by Balaam’s chasing forme, and was equipped with a Kusanagi, Lab-dweller, GGuard, and Cranium.

The White Bag Thread v3

cdepths is such a bs dungeon sometimes. Got slowed into the slow tiles and then got popped by the green guys that deal 400 damage shotguns.


You really reminded me this one…


shit hurts man


Am I blind or what? First time seeing Seelpit using O3 terms.


no those are the equips of the player that died


IK but this the 1st time I saw her saying those equips.


I’m in the know-how of many terms. I don’t use them often because, well, I don’t really do Sanctuaries.
Like, at all.


Gonna raid pub O3 during free rune event??? :eyes:


Oh no, my trickster


why that ring?


Tried to make a set around the Avarice, the Halo matched it best out of all the rings I had to my disposal.

Unfortunately didn’t die with the Heart of Gold Prism…


shouldve been wearing the t6 armor lmfao


Reminder to never get cocky - No matter how good you think you are, even a Grand Sphinx can kill you.
Got cocky testing out the Magmatic orb. Lesson learned.


ur on the forums too? touch grass…


got disconnected, had to reopen game and found a free character slot
image + T14 sword + Unstable anomaly
RIP My first and only crown, i don’t have the bp so, fuck.


rushing is fun, but fuck gargoyles