The Death Thread


true shatters gamer, has t13 staff, t6 skull, t15 armor, and ubhp


bro, gotta have that easy to get 3/4 set(exalted skin), jk t13 staffs never drop for me and i dont have the decas to buy them :frowning:






pierce and 8%


It’s been a while since the last time I’ve posted here.
There goes my 1 year old blue hat wizard!!




ill give you my t13 for free if you want it


i would love it :o


Definitely didnt die with my His Majestys eminence and a jugg speedrunning an abyss that would be stupid of me


@Helelelele Hermit Minion spam claims an unattentive 8/8.

@Szymongale Ran over by Jack Frost.


i hate this game LMAO


f in the chat


13 mins into new year yesterday, in a trio and skill issued myself out of my only decent fame char, took 840 damage with 825 life, para spell killed me lol (also my friend accidentally blasted an armour break counter so i would have lived if that had not happened :P)

100% my fault though so i cant get mad.

it just needed one alien and shats(which i am working towards getting consistent) and a few event dungeons


I found that The Machine gave me access to a whole host of interesting items, so I tried it solo for the first time, and got beaten.
This was the first character to earn over 3700 BF.




damn the browser nostalgia


2011 jeez that’s old, how do you still have that screenshot?





I was going through some old usb sticks and had some rotmg screenies from back in late 2011 / early 2012. I have some more but they aren’t too relevent :slight_smile:

Loved the browser version but i remember at the time i just got one of those mouses with extra buttons on the side and there were too many cases of me clicking back accidentally. Was super annoying especially when in the middle of a battle or trying to get loot.