The Death Thread


yep some of us just suffer from skill issue


you’ll make it, i believe :muscle:


I’ve started a new tradition


That seriously need to get changed. Let’s just say, that’s one of my worst nightmare when rushing.


Okay I was bored and tired no bully :sob::sob:


@Crackyay almost made it to the end – seemed even to die after the boss. There were 8 - 10 people at the start, so attrition was pretty bad.


character was about a year old,realm clearing/farming char + ~250 Ice tomb completes


i died inside



Trade Server, DeadwaterDocks boss was dead with 30 ppl in boss room.
Went to grab a cup of water.
Another reminder to not AFK in dungeon.


A truly unfortunate Nest, whittled down til only I was the last one standing. A brave, probably PPE, Knight was also there in the boss room, but nexused nearly immediately thanks to Queen’s obviously well-balanced Yellow Phase 1.
@FLKphenix, @HAVINATOR, @Cinnaj, @Megaoll, and @BLaDoRx
with honorable mention to @Samramspam for somehow getting caught up in my whirlwind of notifications.