The Death Thread


yep some of us just suffer from skill issue


you’ll make it, i believe :muscle:


I’ve started a new tradition


That seriously need to get changed. Let’s just say, that’s one of my worst nightmare when rushing.


Okay I was bored and tired no bully :sob::sob:


@Crackyay almost made it to the end – seemed even to die after the boss. There were 8 - 10 people at the start, so attrition was pretty bad.


character was about a year old,realm clearing/farming char + ~250 Ice tomb completes


i died inside



Trade Server, DeadwaterDocks boss was dead with 30 ppl in boss room.
Went to grab a cup of water.
Another reminder to not AFK in dungeon.


A truly unfortunate Nest, whittled down til only I was the last one standing. A brave, probably PPE, Knight was also there in the boss room, but nexused nearly immediately thanks to Queen’s obviously well-balanced Yellow Phase 1.
@FLKphenix, @HAVINATOR, @Cinnaj, @Megaoll, and @BLaDoRx
with honorable mention to @Samramspam for somehow getting caught up in my whirlwind of notifications.


Ok, this image shows nothing (because I was still extremely tense, and this was originally just for my guild server to show I’d finished, not the death toll), but I figured I’d put this here. It was the second public Shatts I’d run in a hot minute since I’ve been busy irl and/or focused on the event drops, but we went with MBC as a majority group since we had a Vial, so I stuck around too! And then tragedy struck.

We started off with 50 people, 9 of which split off to do Cult. We had some poorly equipped players, and about 11-12 of them nexused early. With roughly 30-32 players left, a Fungal Tome, an MBC seal, and some great offensive tools, it seemed to be going our way… until rage. Me being me, I split off chasing orbs early, and ended up alone. The other group had accidentally split in two, and progress suddenly screeched to a halt. It wasn’t until the screen flashed with 14 consecutive deaths of varying levels that I noticed wing one had disappeared, and wing two had completely nexused or died to a (are they called a “drive by?”). It was quite the spectacle, lasting around 8 seconds between the group going from nearly full to 0 like that o-o

Like an idiot, I wanted to try finishing rage on after solo, despite me having used my two only ichors with a mistake I made earlier. I’d like to pay respects to that massacre, which included the popper in the body count (I got them a set of WC tops waki gear for them as a thank you). o7

(Again, I really should have moved up to the death site… oh well :confused:)




Why do the enemies not appear? Is it due to black tiles? If so why do the black tiles appear your connection bar was not showing


Parasite Chambers the walls always block line of sight view, both destructible and permanent ones. This is very different from most other dungeons, both with destructible walls and without, where you can see all of an adjacent room as soon as you approach it and destroy any walls in the way, limited only by your draw distance.


happened again lol


whoops lol
i got insta popped
underestimated eu ping diff


@Mopoil, chase phase


F for CobratateG


A lot of people don’t realize that null can actually do so much damage to you if you aren’t careful