The Death Thread


RIP to my rogue, the only character I ever found particularly fun. Had some great equips but even though I’ve got a dozen other maxed cahracters, I’m gonna quit. I never took this character into end game because I only enjoy playing it for pot farming. The megamoth jumped before resetting to center so I really have no reason to continue, total bullshit.


Couldn’t even pass base 5k with this boy, gotta love the lag


First 8/8 reskin grave I’ve seen, @Darkinette popped by a gas generator.


it jumped on my knight o.O even if I knew it can do that, I did not avoid it…


POV: you come back to game and are too lazy to dodge


RIIIIIP… :chart_with_downwards_trend:




sleeping and chatting in the godlands


don’t ask^^



@Kaasx, chase phase


Mad God Messenger Priest, really liked it and didn’t even had swaps for it. I’ll definitely try to rebuild him in the future.


fame cults pain. What happens when you stop paying attention


made a ppe. it did pretty good but me monkey and no use hp pot so go poof


My longest alive character gone in a singular blink, had fun while it lasted


Funniest death i’ve ever had


Saddest death i’ve ever had


As a Samu main: Not the 6 swapouts… And RIPPPPPP (even though that was from a year ago).


I was grinding to white star but did an Asia o3 so… no more grinding to white star for a bit


That’s insane. Did you get the red glow?