The Death Thread


Especially if you get Slowed and sat on, even a maxed Knight could die easily.


yeah like almost happened to me here


Perhaps the Syndicate bosses need a little reworking. It was bad enough when the event was on and they were in every other dungeon. as you barely had time especially with dungeons like this where you might have half a dozen items you want from the bag.

Now though I imagine many people just aren’t expecting it. At least with Wanderer she appears and wanders around for a few seconds, then announces what she’s about to do, before finally getting dangerous. This though there’s no warning, only a small delay. And both this and the Pharaoh are particularly lethal to anyone standing where they appear.

@Krullbulle, @Amenslyna, @Arthuzinho.


RIP to my rogue, the only character I ever found particularly fun. Had some great equips but even though I’ve got a dozen other maxed cahracters, I’m gonna quit. I never took this character into end game because I only enjoy playing it for pot farming. The megamoth jumped before resetting to center so I really have no reason to continue, total bullshit.