The discord/accessibility problem could easily be solved with a group finder


I’m at the point with this game where all I really desire to do is long in for dailies for 10 minutes and then log out. There’s so much content in the game, but it is made inaccessible by the fact that it is difficult to make strong enough groups for some of the dungeons without using discord to form said group. RotMG is one of the only games I know that basically REQUIRES use of discord to do most meaningful content in the game. I don’t want to have to join a discord call with a bunch of people I don’t know and have some random dude on a power trip commanding us around like a bunch of ants. It really sucks all of the fun out of doing the dungeons. What makes it even worse is that while I’m enduring this painful voice call with folks I do not know, I’m not able to join a call to hang out with my actual friends while I play the game because I’m stuck in the raid call that I don’t want to be in. I think, at this point, most realm players have experienced this feeling, but there’s an easy solution to this that requires a little work on DECA’s part.

Almost every modern MMO has a group finder to make forming groups simple and easy so that the use of outside software (such as discord) is no longer a necessity. Typically these groups finders have built in ways for you to filter players for your group. I think that something along these lines could really help RotMG feel like more of a full-fledged MMO game where groups are actually organized within game rather than in discord calls.

Now, for my actual suggestion on how it would work:

First off, you’d have to have a key in your character’s inventory. You could then click the key like you would to open up the modifiers menu, but there would be an option to “look for group.” There would also be a way for this to apply to runes/vials/incs to organize those runs as well!

Once you click “look for group” a menu of options would pop up allowing you to select the following:

  • minimum maxed stats for the group
  • minimum tiered gear for the group
  • minimum star count for the group
  • minimum exaltations for the group
  • classes needed

These are just a few things that I think would be useful to filter other players. There are probably other things that would be helpful that I may have forgot.

You would then set the location where you’re going to meet to open the key (ie. you’d write in “USWest Left Bazaar” or “EUNorth Left Bridge”).

Players could then request to join the group and you can accept/deny them based on the characters they are bringing. If a player is accepted, they would be given the location that you are meeting at to open the key.

Alternatively, DECA could add “key popping rooms” that anyone who joins a group would be teleported to in order to make things a little more private. This obviously wouldn’t work for things like Oryx 3, however.

So yeah, I just wanted to put this out there and inform others on what RotMG is severely missing and should have. Having to use an outside program to organize massive groups of people is weird to me. With other MMOs discord is usually used to talk with friends or guild mates… Not for playing with a bunch of people that you don’t know in a voice chat where everyone is muted except the guy calling the shots.

Just another one of those many things that DECA still has yet to fix about this game to make it playable again…


I don’t know if that is a way to bridge the gap between non-Discord vs Discord counterpart especially endgame contents. But it may work.


This would definitely not get rid of discords, but it would make the game more playable and enjoyable. Maybe in the bright bright future there will even be in-game voice chatting, but I don’t see DECA ever taking on such a plan.

The same reason I’m barely playing this game is because all the raiding is locked behind discords and keys you have to buy with gold. There’s no focus on the Realm, we’re just playing Bazaar of the Mad God. And if there’s an event, it’s just endless point grinding in the Realm (which is also most efficient with a discord group…) or popping endless amounts of keys to complete some quests and hit an event chest.


Marshmalla went into great detail, so far as to design a custom UI/HUD for this very specific idea:

Very good topcis of which I believe should be read by all RotMG enthusiast who want to evoke change :slight_smile:


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