The Double (or greater) White Bag Thread


This thread is for all those magical moments when your white bags had white bags.
Yes, I’m forking the The White Bag Thread v2

The White Bag Thread v2

I’ll begin with this, which I think is my first double white to date.


I have 2 double whites i think
ice cave and davies
but if there even were screenshots they were so long ago they’re gone



wtf triple white


3 white bags, one dungeon, no boost, lvl 12


My luck is so trash, it’s a miracle that I even know what a double white bag is.

The only times I’ve seen multiple white bags in one dungeon were in the Crawling Depths.

Your one Void that probably took like five minutes just dominated my 8/8 Archer – weeks of hard work.


This thread was made to make us unlucky noobs big sad. I did get like 2 double whites in a row from a wlab.


How did I get so lucky? Well, there was a sacrifice…


Stalking realmeyers

No bulwark or tomb wand smh


ST? I got one in my mule but its tradeable so the ones i am using are the ones to flex, but yes a bulwark would be welcome


also no t13


5 Whites 1 run


The crap?
Is this real?!?!?!


yeah lmao crazy luck has to be some sort of record


ye dont have new st p2w wand


Normally this sort of double white is a bit meh - Abyss or WLab overflowing the bag with rainbow pots + tiered tat. But here the only thing I didn’t care for was the cloth and dyes. The 9th item was an Oryx Shard so good too.


Me with trash luck yet 3 Bulwarks. It’s like DECA specifically chose me to troll with.

Employee 1: “How should we troll this Gamma fellow?”
Employee 2: “Simple. Just prevent him from being able to get good White Bags.”
Employee 3: “Fill his account with Kendo Sticks.”
Employee 4: “Instantly kill all of his characters.”
Employee 5: “You fools. Just give him 3 Bulwarks. His unluckiness will do the work for us.”


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