The Elite Dragons (Ever improving!)l


Since the last time around, we’re ever evolving in our guild culture. There’s many members that come and go for different reasons, but we’re slowly acquiring core guildies that have stuck around long term, for which I’m deeply grateful. Regular VC has now become more of a thing! We didn’t use to use it as much, but now it’s more active, thanks to the efforts of a few members.

Another feature that has come up for us is the #misc-games channel for our Discord. Even if our guild has burned out of Rotmg, we’ve streamed some other games, like Hollow Knight, Terraria, DST, and the likes, plus played some others not on streams, like Smash Bros and Noita (even silly little app games like Clash Royale lol). I think that has kept us together through the grind of Rotmg, with other mediums to enjoy together!

Back to Rotmg, we are not primarily an endgame guild. There are several of us that are capable of running most of those dungeons, but many of our members that come through are either new/returning, or midgame level that are just starting to learn endgame. We’ve made leaps and bounds in our collective progression of skill and commradery, but you want the consistently highly social, endgame grinding experience, I would encourage you to look elsewhere. If you want to try your hand at livening our humble server up, more power to you! c:

(Just a mild warning, you may or may not receive indoctrination attempts testifying of the superiority of the Sorcerer class from certain guildies, if you dare join :wink: )


That being said, there aren’t many stringent requirements, but I’ll establish the formalities:

• I don’t care what your experience level, rank, preferred class, or SSN is.

• I personally abide in UTC -7 (MT for you Americans), but some time difference shouldn’t matter.

• As long as you can speak enough English to be understood by us, you’re welcome here!

Please, keep the humor within reason. “Toxicity” is kind of a general term, so let’s put it this way: If what you are saying could potentially offend someone deeply, err on the side of safety and hold your peace. We will only ban for repeated offenses, not misunderstandings. Friendly bantering makes the game interesting, though! :smile:

I WILL PLACE SOME EMPHASIS HERE: Please let us know if you are planning on moving to another guild or leaving the game longer term. I’m not too picky on intense levels of activity (as I’m pretty busy myself!), but it helps us manage our guild better, especially if we start needing slots.

Obligatory “no cheaters” statement Traditions must be upheld, after all!


Applications are easy! Flag down an officer, leader, or myself if you’re interested. We set up a Discord for this (preferred but not required):

Please note that we can’t always jump to handling you right away if we are busy (or sleeping irl, but we’ll get to you as soon as possible! Your patience is appreciated.

Oh, and if you’re part of a mostly dead guild, feel free to refer your friends over if you’re headed over anyway! Those who have already joined were often in that situation.

Alrighty, and with that thanks for at least skimming this! I know the Guild Recruitment & Inquiries™ category isn’t that popular.


Our current ranks are as follows, updated 3/26/22:


  1. XBookwyrmX


  1. fury
  2. Poloprock
  3. Prales


  1. AKLDragon
  2. HaIo
  3. Moonpetal
  4. Orsome


  1. Baltros
  2. Beatmeboom
  3. BiggMonkey
  4. BlazeyG
  5. Campfires
  6. Cherrypopi
  7. Chipseater
  8. Corsten
  9. Cryotrite
  10. DivineWhen
  11. DKPS
  12. Dudieboy
  13. Fev
  14. FiendsGrip
  15. Fyra
  16. Gishe
  17. Gotgot
  18. Hajsdbncoh
  19. Hurricanee
  20. Jelloblock
  21. JenBunny
  22. Jointiq
  23. LunarVoyd
  24. Memcache
  25. MrChomps
  26. MrDeathRay
  27. MurchGawd
  28. Oryxzbanes
  29. OskarllIDK
  30. Poofla
  31. Qwerton
  32. SaucyNuget
  33. Sillyslash
  34. StarID
  35. Trimaxgame
  36. Tsukarii
  37. Ultrarobot
  38. Urgle
  39. VanCoke
  40. Vasyaxx
  41. Xysted
  42. YouDieToo

Initiates: (If you join, you automatically become a member. I don’t really have a use for it! If we forget, just bug us haha)

We have a “Guest” category for those who join our Discord for whatever reason and have no intent of joining the guild. Perfectly fine! I keep our “Guests” separated from our “Fallen Members” who dropped from the guild for varying reasons, temporary or no.

Looking for a chill guild to join! (Returning, but still somewhat new to game)

After getting a job I’ve become a whale in this game since I want to support it, so I’ve got a crap ton of keys if that interests anyone, though we are still a more casual, hanging out kind of guild




Cool! I want even expecting that, but that’s a nice bonus!
Now give me all your Machine keys so I can finally get that armor and overthrow Demonseye


@PiiNes likes to stalk guild servers O:
(You’re fine here)


This guild is going to be AWESOME.


I know I mentioned it on the Discord, but with you coming in, I’ll admit I didn’t realize that there were many of you forumers without an active guild!


Thinking about joining, but you are on at 2 am my time so I probably won’t be on when anyone else is on… hmmm… on a different note, what are your policies for promotion? What would it take to become leader/officer?


I don’t personally mind, but what UTC are you, for reference’s sake?

As far as promotions, I’m still thinking about an exact system, but for now while we’re still accumulating people, we’re bumping people straight to members. I’ve been around Gamma and Nameness for a bit and trust them with Leader, as they also joined really early on. Let’s put it this way: if you’re a forumer I’ve seen for a little while as opposed to a person in-game reading to join, I’m more likely to promote you to at least an officer sooner than later.


Wait it says that I am utc 4:00 so maybe it’s not 2 am… I have never used utc system and just go by eastern standard/daylight time, so tbh I don’t have a clue, just finding this off the internet… so basically internet says utc 4:00


Eastern Standard Time is UTC -5, actually. We are only a couple hours apart if that’s where you are at. (;


Huh, cool. If I see you in game I’ll ask for an invite! :slight_smile:


I’ll let my recruiters know to look for you. I’ve already “stalked and locked” you a while back if you remember, so if they don’t find you, I probably will.




Last I was on, it was 1 am

Not too distant a time zone, I just have like, the worst sleep schedule


what time are y’all on?


Dope are you planning to join? I don’t know about everyone else and what time zone you are in, but I am usually on in about 8-9 hours from now, so whatever that is for you


I’m finding this out, but yesterday, there was a small group on during the late afternoon/early evening of my time, -7 UTC. There was some other minor activity before that as well.


me wants


I’m fairly certain you have an active guild already though, Lud, right?