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Alright! We’ve pretty much filled up by now. There’s a couple of people that are heading the way of inactivity, so we may not be entirely full for long. But for the most part, we’re done recruiting. Thank you all very much! It’s a pleasure being with you, guests, members, and all.

As a note to potential prospecting players, unless you are desperate for a guild (We can talk over a Discord DM or directly in game, if you see me online!), I will put up a separate thread mentioning we have room for “x” amount of players as slots open up.


December has not been kind to me


Sorry nameness, you’ve been INACTIVE!!! Proceed directly to the guildless state and do not collect 2 life pots.
/s ofc, you better not leave us


We’re getting life pots?


yep just ask book🙃


You and Biche aren’t counted, not to worry. I’m aware of both of your reasons.


I used to do that a lot more before I died lol; are you wanting some? :relieved:


free life pots? hell yeah!


I’ve got a Get Out Of Inactivity Free card, can I use it?


Sorry for bump but it’s sad that half our members haven’t been seen in the last two weeks :frowning:
I’m looking at you @Furyborn @Ludwiga


Major exam for me on Monday and then an even bigger one I have been preparing for for over a year at the beginning of March. Not only have I not been on Realm, I haven’t even touched beat saber in weeks. Lots and lots of studying! I will be back!


Ok, well good luck with them! You’ll do great :wink:


It’s ok, DeeBomb. I’m watching, and I have DMs with many of our members, including the inactive ones. Most of them have solid reasons for inactivity, so I’m not terribly worried. :wink:


Yeah I know that they have reasons and such, and people like lud are still active on the discord, it’s just too bad that they can’t play more


Aaaaaannnd, there we go! After some time (too long, honestly, and I was busy tracking guildies to see who was wanting to remain, and who wanted to take indefinite breaks/quit, so I kept putting off updating this thread. I have finished! The main entry description has been altered accordingly, as a lot has changed since last time I updated it. Sorry for the wait!


We are back in business! :smile:


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Can I have this thread reopened @ leader @ mod? :pleading_face:


That might be interpreted as pretentious. Only intended as humor