The Elite Dragons (Ever improving!)l


I’ll update the title post of this thread to reflect our current status. If any of you looking for guilds have questions, feel free to shoot me a DM in Discord (or on this thread, if you aren’t on Discord and have no plans on joining. We have 4-5 guildies who’re in that boat)!

Only, from experience, I would ask that exercise patience if I don’t get to you right away. I’m currently living at UTC -6 with Daylight Savings Time (ie. Mountain Time), and there have been a surprising amount of prospecting players who reach out in the dead hours of the morning… :sweat_smile:


We are now currently full! This is tentative, as within this near week period, we’ve had people slip in and out, so we likely aren’t solidy full. There’s currently one extra player in the queue for recruitment when a slot opens up, but DM me if you’re still interested!


We’re recruiting again, so I’ve updated the main title once more! Please read through if you’re interested before trying to join the Discord.

Here’s to meeting more fine individuals! :smile:


It’s that time again. Rivetted and ready to go!

I have edited the top descriptions to reflect all appropriate changes. I recognize that I’m a tad wordy, so I’ll openly accept any criticism for that. I’d just rather have more information over having too little, even if you all probably don’t even read a fourth of what’s given up there.

If you’ve checked us out and this guild doesn’t look like it’s for you, I’d encourage you to check out Criminal Mindz! @Joshawsum has a slightly different time schedule than we do (from experience, as he’s a guest in our Discord), but he’s starting up his guild again in his recruitement thread. Contact him for more details!


Can i join?
I’ve been looking for a chill non-endgame guild cuz the one I’m in is with my irl friends who are all inactive now, and I don’t grind endgame a lot

Im also in mountain time


join my guild


Of course! Happy to have you. :smile:


AKLDragon joining the guild?



We didn’t stay there long, but this was a small victory we had! It wasn’t our highest Fame ever, but… yeah, top 100 guild!

Edit: I forgot that fury hadn’t updated his Fame, so after that, that bumped us up to 97th (even with the few guildies that are inactive for school, or similar reasons)! :partying_face:



I’ll update the list on the original message soon, but we’re full up again, for the time being! I certainly have no problems if anybody wants to join the Discord as a guest, as we certainly don’t mind running with people of all skill levels and helping where we can. If we do key popping runs or contests, we’re inclusive of guests with those too!


can i join?


You can join our server, certainly, but we’ve been having an overflow of prospective members. Anybody who needs a guild has been turned over to our partner guild, Criminal Mindz, in the meantime. But! Regardless of what your good status is, anybody within our server is welcome in runs. We’ll switch to Bazaars if we’re running with guests.

(Also, small VC record for our server. I know it pales in comparison to raiding servers, but that’s not the point haha)