The Entire History of Realm of the Mad God


Figured this video could use some more love.

All credit to Calcium/RaftC


It really does put what DECA has done so far into perspective (and I mean that in a good way; they’ve done a lot, and I don’t think they get enough appreciation).


I agree though my wallet gives them a lot of appreciation!


that was an 11/10 comment ngl


That it does. I think you’re the reason this game is still afloat.


Could have mentioned the Multiboxers and Notifiers, both were extremly annoying

Though maybe its a a bit unfair to complain about Kabam adding p2w features and then not talk about Decas thousands of chests events and st sets


Good job on the video! I missed the first year RotMG came out but been with RotMG ever since until now that is.


God bless DECA games.
and dog bless cash whales for paying for everything along the way
fuck token culture though


I agree with mynamerr that it’s a bit unfair to have glossed over deca’s own monetization measures while going into detail about kabam’s. it’s certainly true that kabam is the one that added STs in the first place, but by this point deca’s done far greedier things with the STs than kabam ever did (looking at you, $600 pre-release campaigns), and deca’s added a lot more of them. similarly, keys were also a kabam addition but it’s deca that put such pressure on buying them with key packs and chest events and made them work financially.

it’s also a pity that kabam’s history was segmented neatly while deca’s history is presented as one large chunk. no mention of either myz or r4 or their respective eras. rip myz :c

credit where it’s due though, I will admit I can forget how far the game has come since deca’s acquisition. I tend to focus on all the negatives these days because in my mind they far outweigh the positives at this point, but it’s not like those positives are gone. multiboxers were a horrendous blight on the game and it sure as hell wasn’t kabam that made them go away. and as much as I rail against HP scaling, I suppose it’s at least better than having the cube gods die in half a second with only 3 people getting loot. and deca’s added way more content than kabam ever dreamed.

definitely gonna have to hard disagree with the game being in its prime though. the playerbase at large is the most toxic cesspool I have ever seen and literally nothing has been done about key and chest event abuse. exalt puts a fresh coat of paint on things but the game is still largely the same tangled mess that made me quit in disgust. the peak of rotmg in my mind was the early deca days, back when myz was around and arguably for some time past that. back before deca got hardcore savage into events and cash grabs, and before the cheater problem got completely out of control.


I agree pretty much with @Xaklor says above.

I stopped playing at the end of August shortly after Deca killed Flash. Exalt is a pain in the @ss to use. Somethings are better and many just did not make sense.

  • With Exalt I had way more lag that seemed to have nothing to do with full servers. With flash I could close it down or move to a less busy server and problem would almost always be solved.
  • The Chat interaction sucks badly for example chat TP.
  • The F#cking annoying “I am here” sound when logging in to exalt (way way to loud) or a going into a dungeon (quieter but still annoying). Needs a sound setting to kill it.
  • Takes 4 or 10 times longer to start playing when logging into a EXALT than flash did (yes my computer is almost 8 years old but flash started right away).
  • The fact that Deca all but killed mules by making it hard as heck to open a mule while you have your main character open, come on, taking away mules is a cheap petty move.
  • The Bots and RWT are friggen annoying. Deca figured out how to make money off us, killing these bots should be simple in comparison.
  • Just noticed Exalts new changes to the vault. I have 96 vaults because I wanted to replace my mules. Yes, I spent a lot of money (11 years of playing) on vault packages when they were available, got a lot of free vaults when I could as well. OMFG its the dumbest thing ever, try scrolling through that many vaults.
  • The people are toxic, rude, racist and some are scary in the way they talk to or about people. If some of these animals said things about people in real life like they do in the game the police would be called and charges of sexual assault would be in their future. Screen shots and bans should be a thing and DECA should have a page that states who was banned and for what, NO SECRETS. When I was playing I would mark about 10 people an hour ignored. During an key event I would easily mark 30 to 80 people ignored for spam and racist or sexually charged comments.

There are a lot of other minor things that are annoying but I really don’t see it changing much and not that interested in playing atm. Take care guys.


Wait… what?! There’s a sound effect I didn’t know about added? I guess I haven’t had that option turned on since I started playing. (They’re all annoying, in my opinion :sweat_smile:)


i cant say that this game is more toxic than say League or Smite (two mobas) but i will say deca does just about nothing to punish toxicity. some guy was chillin just talking about some shit then a few dudes just spam “SHUT UP $&!*^$ (insert slur of choice)” and i still see them around in usw3 and popping servers all the time. its almost like deca doesnt care :open_mouth::open_mouth::thinking::thinking:


Or no one is reporting them. This is the case more often than not.


They only have so many people that can watch the game at any given time even with a bunch of free time, which they are not exactly blessed with right now. It kind of falls on the people’s shoulders to take care of things.

Evidence of hacking can be difficult at times, but screenshots of speech can be difficult to ignore, especially if there’s more than one witness. There’s some things I’ve seen said that could get you in trouble in real life spoken in-game!


I used to report toxic and hacks with screen shorts or short vids but I would see the people I reported playing for weeks. I used to keep a list of people I reported but I just stopped doing it because it made no difference.

I mark them all ignored so I at least don’t have to see their spam. My rotmg world is never quiet because there really are a lot of players but the toxic stuff is gone at least until there is a key event then the ignores start again.


I think the only way to not hear it is to have all sound effects turned off. I like those sounds. I truly hate the “I am here” sound though.


One other thing, my wife and I play on the same computer. It would be really nice if the game saved/loaded our games settings based on the player. I use WSAD keys while my wife uses some weird combination to play. We are always changing each others settings and its annoying. Yes we did it on flash, but since its an Exalt is an EXE its an easy feature to add (no, I did not request it).


I don’t know how your computer is set up, but some my sister and I share account we never had a problem… until our cousin started living with us and became interested.

We all have individual profiles (we have Microsoft accounts with different passwords), and we can sign in with individual Realm accounts on our separate profiles. Not only that, but because my sister and we used to constantly swap to our different controls every time… until said personalized accounts. It keeps us both signed in as me, but remember our personalized controls attached to our accounts!

I don’t know if that made sense .-.


War Thunder community would like to know your location


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