The Exalt Oh Shiet Button (for freezes, pop-up windows and when you click off page)


Some of you may remember the original Oh Shiet Button (developed by @Jakisaurus ), which allowed the user to quickly close their Flash client at the press of a button. This is an updated version which will work with Exalt.

How to use it:

  1. Download and install AutoHotkey.

  2. Paste the following into a notepad file:

;Force close Realm
	Run, taskkill "/f" "/im" "RotMG Exalt.exe"
  1. Save the file as <whateveryouwant>.ahk, and put it in an easily accessible location (***it will have to be re-run every time you restart your computer***).

  2. Test it to make sure it works by pressing ctrl+esc (this is dictated by the second line in the code above, feel free to change it to other keys as you see fit).

  3. Profit


AutoHotkey allows the user to bind a certain function to a key of their choice; in this case, we are setting it to force-close the Exalt game window when ctrl+esc is pressed. This is advantageous because sometimes Realm just freezes, you accidentally click off the page, or a pop-up window appears over your game and you can’t close it in time to save your character. This script lets you close the game quickly, sparing you the agony of losing your beloved characters to otherwise avoidable deaths and without all the hassle of disconnecting from and reconnecting to your internet.

Edit: This script works for both Steam and non-Steam versions of Exalt.

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+1, especially useful for exalt since clicking the x to close exalt takes forever


Thank you. Thank you so very much… This is exactly, precisely, the thing I needed


does ‘alt’ + ‘f4’ not work?


1 button> 2 buttons. Also you can bind this to anything you want, like your nexus button (maybe a bit overkill but who knows)


(Adding on to what @Twitchystr said)…

Another benefit of this button (to further sell it for those who aren’t convinced) is that it targets the game directly, whereas alt+f4 only goes after the active page on your computer. If you click off the game or a pop-up window appears over Realm, alt+f4 will try to close that instead of the game. This bad boy takes care of that by killing Exalt no matter where in the order of open windows it is, and saves you those valuable split seconds that can save your character during a rush or high-stakes boss fight.


if you don’t have admin access
to open ahk on startup (still have to click the script, no need to open ahk specifically though)
Recommended to bind this to left shift
press this and you’ll find an icon
right click it
and you’ll get this
Click suspend Hotkeys if you want to press the hotkeyed button but too lazy to close and open again


With Exalt’s boot times, no way. Wouldn’t be a bad idea for flash though. Does exalt take awhile to load for everyone or is it just me?


Exalt does take a while to load, but going through that extra boot time is often worth it if the button allows you to save your character. :slightly_smiling_face:


It works on Steam, can confirm. After a very close call with my paladin and a complete freeze with my knight, it’ll come in handy :D


Thanks for letting me know! I have updated the original post with that information.


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There you go, Uni!


Problem was resolved. False alarm!


Well, maybe I want it open anyways


Just bumping this to make sure people see it, since Exalt is now the only client available, and difficult to close quickly for to it being full screen.


Good idea. I was hoping that someone would do something like this, didn’t realize someone had already made it.


After trying a few methods as a fail safe against the game freezing, I’ve found another one that works as well if not better:

It requires a bit more set up, but I think this is superior because it doesn’t wait for your game to respond at all and just cuts connection to the RotMG servers.

For me I’ve found that with using the forced close method, the game still continues to stay frozen even after executing the script and it only closes once the game unfeeezes (and you can see all the bullets come out of enemies at once right as the game closes). But with the one I’m linking it tells the server to stop sending data which means no new bullets will be sent and also your character cannot die as the game won’t send information to the server. Also an advantage with forced disconnects is that it’s handy to exit a full realm and store stuff in vault and then still have a instant pass to skip queue.