The Farewell Thread


Time to take that last long walk on the beach? Bid your friends adieu here.

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DECA has broken me. (Farewell.)

Seeing as how this thread is dry as hell;

Goodbye Reception :cry:

Image removed - You left your email address visible ~ BMJ

Also, quick question; I’ve done bits of research about this topic and found out that KABAM used to approve a LOT of these kind of guild founder change requests. Do you think DECA will approve mine?


I’m not sure if we have an example of that yet. Let’s all find out together here and yeah kabam support would even make 2 founders if asked. Think I’ve seen a guild with 3. Hope you find your self a good guild!


Thanks for the support @Shatter and @BMJ ty for saving my stupid ass

Cya Peeps

I am truly retarded


Farewell rotmg, I can’t play anymore… but I guess I won’t leave the forums :slight_smile:


I shed a tear, or two…


During Kabam I requested another founder and it worked. However, recently my friend tried to make me 2nd founder and Deca declined :stuck_out_tongue:




love how the replies have like 20 days inbetween




Rip we will rip you, Hope to see your face on the forums still.

:cry: :cry::cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


So… do Likes in this thread mean people are happy to see others leaving? :confused:

The Death Thread

uhh, well not for me, it basically meant







and farewell to my life pots…


Farewell @Shatter 's previous pic.

Lets all mourn for his departure.


it’ll be back


idc, we are mourning for its temproray death