The Farewell Thread


I’ve decided on quitting the game for a couple of months due to exams and private reasons, prob gonna lose my reg. peace. o/


meanwhile my exams are tomorrow and ive spent 12 hours every day these past 3 days on realm

Good luck though :frowning:


See ya, and good luck!


I will gladly temp ban anyone who needs a forced break. Next (or anyone else) just let me know. :wink:


me pls, for 1 month


At your service. See you July 14th.




Is it possible to get banned for 1 minute?


Yes but then you permanently lose regular.




you will regain it quickly, i was banned 1 day for necrobumping a year ago, came back without reg and then i regained it the next day


going to china soon, for almost 3 weeks. see yall later
rip reg




When I was 8, I went in my school computer lab and saw someone playing a pixelate game in a website, I and my friend asked him what game he was playing he said Realm of the mad god, our first reaction was “what?” I didn’t know even how to spell that game, because I’m Brazilian, I sat on the computer at his right and started playing that game, I loved it, they stopped playing after 4 months and I got my first level 20 character and died. I met 2 Brazilians who play this game in Ceará (Brazil state) 1431 miles from my house, we played every single day, and I was being bullied for my “friend”, the same who played with me from school, and his new friends and another people, that’s why I never showed my face or body for anyone in internet, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and tried to kill my self with only 10 years, but, when I was playing this, I just forget the things that they did with me and keep the smile on my face, and keep going, it’s the best game I ever played which my old computer could work, years and years passed and I was getting better, doing dungeons solo and these things, my first shatters solo was in 2016, January, then I soled lost halls 2.0 too I was so happy, I tried it again and again, then I died, and died again, again, again and every character I had died, and now I can’t max anymore, I’m so sad and I made a choice, quit this, I literally have no life, I just play it, every day, I think this gonna be good for me, I did every dungeon solo in game I “conquered” rotmg, and I think it’s time to conquer real life, I hope it gives me the same happiness that this game did, I like challenges and I think life is a perma-death mmo too : P, I hope you guys have a nice day and goodbye
(lol stupid game, making me cry)
(sorry for every English mistake, it’s not my main language)


anyways bai my friend, have fun being in reality.




@oryxjpk dunno what to say about your rotmg “career” but it looks plenty fulfilling so gl on whatever or wherever you end up doing or going


You do not have to completely quit the game of course, and I doubt you do. Playing video games is a normal part of life in the year 2018. It’s important to balance life with gaming, as well, obviously. If you find RotMG to be a portal to a world that is less cynical than the real one, there is nothing wrong with playing from time to time.

However, as you are still young, it is important to develop interests outside of realm. Seeing that you are often depressed, you should pick up some other activities to give your mind a break, particularly those that involve exercise. Create a schedule for yourself, sign up for sports, and make friends who won’t bully you for playing the greatest game ever made.

When I began playing this game, I was an actual child. It did take up the majority of my life for a period. And I will remember it as an important part of my existence on earth. There is nothing wrong with that – you will eventually move on to more important things and develop more important interests. Time takes its course. I wish you the best, and if you ever face any trouble regarding bullying or thoughts of suicide, never hesitate to contact me or anyone else in the community. Life really is a permadeath mmo and I’m glad you understand that.


Good luck with your future endeavors in life. I wish you the best of luck and never forget you’ll always have a place in this game should you choose to return.


Hey Guys. @OtherBill @Doc Ban Me Pls. I want a 1 year ban.


[Dun-dun-done. If you change your mind, feel free to send a RealmEye PM to get the ban lifted. OB]