The Farewell Thread


Goodbye, duck comrade-in-arms :cry:


I bind thee to thine oath. Farewell, @SpoopyDuck


Ban me for like a week, I need a break from everything rotmg related @moderators


[Done. Enjoy your vacation!   OB]




Feeling very disillusioned with these chest droprates, just a part of bigger stuff but ultimately feel that rotmg as a game is not really worth my time anymore.

See you.


i took a 4 month break from rotmg. no one really quits guys. even if they do, more loot for us!

jk just kidding im sad to see ppl go dont know how to make text small though


<small> put text here
like this
or you can always put more than one


You can also use < sub >.

This works too!


Quick experiment with showing brackets
Ok, that works without tick marks or spaces


Today, 11/7, marks a forum holiday: the day book quits the forums for good :confetti_ball:

@Shatter I love ya, I might never talk to you again but I’m glad we were friends while it lasted :cry:

@SoloSen you a good person and im glad we made up. Hope the best for you.

@Tauntauned I hope this convinces you to come back :frowning: even though I think you hated me I will miss you

@Four I’ve always liked 5 better

@Ickabod I will miss you the most :rose:

@EpicNecros bye heimoli

@Redox i’m sorry for ddosing you

@Scratchomitch i’m sorry for scamming you on one of my alts

@CandyShi your voice is squeaky and i like squeaky things so

@RMGnoob i leave you responsible for insulting me while im gone

About the new influx of Someone's (Book?) Realmeye Bots

@moderators i promise that i’ll stay out for good. Please ban me, @ForumAIt, @JapanThree, and @JapanFour. :smile:

Goodbye forums :heart:

About the new influx of Someone's (Book?) Realmeye Bots

we didn’t even get to 444 edits yet what the fuck book this is not over



Don’t you ever dm me again for cat pics


Book, you forgot to add me ):<
FUckInG BoOk mAN




I didn’t know you very well but Nooooooo, please stay :cry:


thx thx



What’s book’s discord tag? Or could you just send him/her mine?


he’s the one on your discord history that made you think you had your IP stolen by a “Super secret server”