The Farewell Thread


nice lie amirite


i actually quit realm a while back and only come on for daily rewards

also how am i still a regular ive made like 2 posts in 2 months


after i quit and didnt come on realm anymore/forums, i still had reg for like 3 months.


For me, it’s quite sad when I see profiles of players who haven’t been on in weeks, or months, or even years. I try to recall what it was like if I had ever met them, and wonder if they’ve gone on to do better things in life. I used to play with personal friends, but they moved on long ago, and out of my life since we no longer go to the same school, and I’ve been left here spinning around in an endless loop, wondering when things will finally end.

It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally decided to quit rotmg for good. As of last week, I’ve completed all my goals I’ve ever had for this game and tbh, there isn’t much to look forward to. I’ve been collecting the daily rewards but I might stop that soon since there’s little chance I’ll be coming back.

The funny thing is that I’ve tried to quit before, but the draw of rewards kept calling me back. Only now, I don’t find anymore appeal to it. The game has moved on down a path that I can’t continue on. I still remember what one of my friends said about the game once. He said, “you might be sitting at the top one week, but when you take a break, the next thing you know is that you’re at the bottom.” That’s what the game has become. With so many things and so many events, if you don’t play, you undoubtedly fall behind. With how things are going, it’s too time consuming and too distracting and reality continues to be present. I applaud DECA for what they’ve done to the game. They’ve breathed new life into it. But at the same time, I miss the days where I would run around godlands farming dungeons with my guild, relying on each other to help one another.

Understandably many of you are excited by the new unity port, but for me, its a good time to move on. If I were really to try to farm crystals, it would just be more wasted time in my life, sitting at my computer collecting meaningless items that would derail my chance at other things in life. And sometimes its good to clear your head and take a look at the real world. Many of you undoubtedly won’t understand what I’m trying to say, but for those who do, never fail to be distracted from what really matters.

But then again, that’s all behind me now. There’s no use dwelling on the past. I wish the best of luck to DECA and all the players. As for the forums, its going to be hard leaving. I’ll miss you all xd.
@GGaodzilla ppe btw lel xd

@moderators ban me for a year please


this is going to be the last ppe btw lel xd ill tell you in a year…


Damn, sorry to see you go. Glad you’re focusing on the important things rather than a fleeting videogame. Good on ya :heartbeat:


Sorry everyone, I just don’t feel useful to this community anymore.

I’ve been grown to be toxic and full of myself since I got myself a Regular for some reason, and it looks like I’m slowly turning into @GGaodzilla No.2 or something.
I mean, I did lose my regular and all that, but it just seems like nobody wants me anymore, which is understandable.

I will still actively play RotMG, it’s just that I don’t feel like I belong here like before anymore.

Yes, I am being a dick right now and I know for sure some of you are gonna say : ‘‘Lmao I’m glad to see you go. You are now leaving because you can’t get the attention you want.’’ Which, in fact, is actually true on some part. But then again, I wasn’t really intentionally being an asshole until pretty recently. Shoutout to all the bluestars that I’m sorry.

One more thing to say to people until I go :

Sorry @Xaklor @Shatter @.Niegil for being a total asshole to you guys.

@Scorchmist @mynamerr you guys are scary D:

@Redox @SoloSen Thank you for comforting me when I had some ‘issues’

@-Seelpit @-Diamondest @-Glawi @-Starwartwo @-Spixer @-AKLDragon @-HorusKane @-BrandonCao @-Fluffegan @-BigDaigo @-Unicorn @-Orsome @-Ickabod @-RyanYoon @-SirSpud @-Literature @-PLEBJESUS @-Nameness Thank you all for making my RotMG / RE forums experience better. I tried to include all the people but I probably forgot some ecause I’m bad :slight_smile:

@.EpicNecros stop banning me plz

@-VeziBooste @-ArexRew @-Orsome Biggest sorry to you guys, for ‘what happened earlier’.

Also I can’t ping people because of the limit I get after losing regular

Alright then.


@moderators Permaban me please

ArkRumierA's FanArt Collection :D

rip another old forumer leaves


i feel like i dont remember any of your msgs, havent noticed much things i dislike nor anything i particularly like. I’ve heard people say some things but haven’t noticed much :man_shrugging:

yo… how am i scary?.. wasn’t like the scary people like xaklor or rmg…

rip cya.


Good riddance tbh :^)


Farewell Ark, hate to see you go
(Couldn’t you just tone down on the toxicity instead of leaving?)

Also @Scorchmist I think Ark just accidentally super derailed a thread or 2, and it was definitely a toxic happening


love the casual insult on you.


If detrailing a thread or 2 is enough for part of the forums to turn on somebody, then this forums is no good.


If I had something to do with this, I am sorry :frowning: I just wanted the blue to have a better experience, hope you understand :c


Tried to convince Ark to come back but he’s super determined to quit re, well, another good soul lost to this forums.


damn. Just don’t follow him :frowning: I love this game and forum.




Dammit mods, this thread is giving me depression :frowning: @Doc If I get depression I’m suing you. (jk dot hert me plx)


tell me about it,

if it were really so then people would still be mad about my spamming the frums like two years ago.


Look, this is my opinion and my opinion only but I’m sure a lot of people will agree.

There is no toxic on this forums, it is all jokes. Those rare cases who are toxic are definitely rejected early and not able to become anywhere near regular because they’ll get flagged. It’s up to the reader’s interpretation to judge if something is a joke or a serious threat, and most of the time it is a joke (90+%). If some people are offended to the point of turning on somebody in the forums from a joke, that person is a fucking disabled society member. This goes for a lot of people who drove perfectly innocent people or jokes into quitting, and this is seen beyond rotmg. Supporters of somebody are usually silent on this platform, forums, while haters are ‘loud’ and can create the illusion of people having more haters then people who actually support them. I think this is what drives many people into quitting, and many people are also labeled as toxic by that minority, that sensitive minority.

That’s just my take at why the community seems so toxic at times - support (likes) are much less shocking then haters (Flags, replies) and things like that. Not because the community really is toxic, but because of that ‘loud’ minority.