The Farewell Thread


No one was being aggressive or chasing Ark off, except maybe one person, we just told him to consider that the person Ark was being toxic to was new to the game and maybe you were being a little rude (and then another forumer found the rudest way possible to say this after it had already been calmly explained and Ark had realized this, I would say Ark saw the toxic response and assumed that was everyone’s opinion, so let this be a lesson, calling someone a dick, and a few other terms, but that was the mostly used one, when they are being rude in no way makes your point stronger, it just hurts people who never had bad intentions)


talking shit simply because he’s a blue star is not a joke :thinking:

“hey man someone made fun of me because of who i am, but if i get angry im a “fucking disabled society member” now”

examples where?

ye this can happen, but it rarely happens in something thats a forum, or a video game.

So far this seems like a “Ark didn’t do anything wrong because uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you should just grow a thicker skin!!!” despite being incredibly mean for literally no reason.


I’m not saying in terms of ark, but in general.


You wouldn’t have made this post in the first place if it wasn’t for Ark trying to quit, wdym :thinking:


Yes but that was the first in-my-face quit


Are was not saying a joke, Ark was insulting someone’s intelligence and referring to the as inferior for not picking up a Hivemaster’s helm before the other loot from an epic quest chest

This was most definitely legitimate toxicity

Plus most the louder people in those situations are less haters, but are just caring for the attack on the victim, your words, even if they are jokes, represent your opinions, and most the time jokes more accurately represent your opinions than your normal conversation, and no, I’m not saying because you make a Nazi joke you hate all Jews, but you definitely seem to think Nazis and the Holocaust are something to be taken lightly, and that is extremely offensive

(Having to add invisible text in the word Jews dang it, although that does provide evidence to the Nazi joke thing)


Don’t be sorry, the people you where mean to totally deserved it. By apologizing you are only feeding their egos and reinforcing that they are correct in their behaviors which made you feel the need to act the way you did in the first place. Please do not encourage them.

Some salty losers flagged this.


Wait so are you supporting Ark being a dick to a blue star simply because he was a blue star :thinking:


Reading comprehension level 500 I see. Ark wasn’t apologizing to them in this thread, so it’s safe to assume that has nothing to do with this thread since it wasn’t brought up.


Bye, I hope you actually become more productive irl as a side effect of quitting (i know i probably would)


Aww, you’ll be missed friend.


No idea what you ever said to me.


That was 3 hours since I posted that thing.

Ban me already.


I can’t





Sad to see you go man, but I’ll still talk to you on discord.

@GGaodzilla, shut up man. It’s funny how noone gangs up on you for being “toxic” the way you go about many things.
If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say it, simple.

@ThatsMyJam If that’s Ark’s wish (to leave) then we’ll leave it at that and move on. I’d say you can’t tell someone how they should go about something when it seems they’ve already made their decision.


Good luck on your new journey of self redemption and discovery. :wave:t2:


It’s not, I spoke to him last night and he felt like literally everyone on this forum thought badly of him.
When you feel like people don’t like you, leaving (whether it be temporary or permanant) is one of the bettwer options for you own mental state.


I wish you the best of luck to not get minipulated in your future relationships.


I wrote out a long response but deleted it because I don’t feel like continuing this discussion, this is frustrating me so I’m just gonna remove myself @Redox