The Farewell Thread


Shit, Ark. I… really don’t know what to say. You were one of the first people I “met” on the forums. You aren’t

as you say. You came across as that. That is a big difference. If I could say anything, anything for you to listen to, it would be this. Take a step back. Don’t quit. Step away, maybe get the mods to ban you for a week. But not forever. Because forever is a fucking long time. You are a nice person. You are a good person. Take a step back from whatever is stressing you out, be that the forums, school, work, whatever. But don’t quit.

Please Ark.

Edit @ArkRumierA you liked this what does this mean does this mean you’re listening, or you’ve read it and you’re not going to do it aaaaAAAAA I just don’t want you to leave :cry:


Agreed, Ark you never came off as that toxic to me, the thing was that you didnt sugarcoat your replies in a couple threads and then people decided they needed to blow up about it.


You know, if someonvody says they’ve grown to be toxic, as seen below

You automatically think of a time where he was being toxic, you know, when he was talking shit to a blue star.

You don’t exactly need a reference to understand it’s related.

I feel like making a reference to being horny is not as bad as talking shit to a blue star, and I’ve you haven’t noticed, I already get shit for that too
Remember here, we’re talking about the RE Forums, not the RE Discord. Fee free to find anything “toxic” in my post history, I’ll wait.


You got banned for “making poems about other forumers” once


I could leak discord again, but that would be a mess.


I’m not asking for discord, did you read the post :thinking:

Oh yeah I did, after djck called JohnMH retarded LUL


Ark do you want to chat over discord or something? I don’t want to see you go over some drama I started :frowning:



Honestly, it’s fine. I’m not angry at you and still believe you’re a good person.

That’s not true. Sure, some people may have been upset by your comments on that thread, but no one wants to see you go.

To me, you’ve admitted that you did a bad thing and have apologised for it, and that’s already proven that you aren’t a bad person.

In fact, I was planning to say it in pms but I’ll just say it here, I feel that part of the whole drama was my fault. Back on that thread, I basically portrayed myself as the ‘good guy’ through being ‘nice’, but basically still having an argument with you, and naturally that drew a lot of hate onto you. I can’t believe I got so many likes for basically stealth insulting you. I don’t know how others see it, but I started the drama on that thread and can’t help but feel that it’s my fault you feel bad now.

Again, @Orsome#1704 is my discord tag, if you want to discuss this then go ahead. I really don’t want you to leave. :frowning:




I asked for a permaban, not some random guy that I don’t even know to come out and say I’m trying to get attention?


Drama. No need to permanently ban yourself because you made a booboo.


You are proving my point of why I want to leave RE forums.


If Ark wants to leave, let Ark leave in peace. If we want to say that we were sad to see Ark leave the forums, let us.
Stop trying to string out more drama from it, why is it such a big issue to you?
Does it hurt seeing that some of us don’t see Ark as a bad person or something?


Well it’s not really helping is it?



Gosh, this is like my school sending me to mental hospital and saying ‘we want you help you’ and driving me crazy when they were the one who are crazy…

Why am I still in here anyways


gets annoyed at someone for “trying to start drama”
starts over twice as much drama in the process


Let me state some facts:

  • Ark said what Ark said to that blue star on that thread a few days ago, even if people don’t think it was right for Ark to say some of the stuff So What?. Carry on with your lives, forget about it.

  • After those events people said “Ark is toxic now”, the people saying it are no better.
    This situation could’ve been avoided by saying it once and leaving it at that.

  • Having people constantly criticize you and say “I don’t respect you anymore” or “I don’t like you as a person” can really shatter someone’s confidence. People don’t know what empathy is.

  • Sitting here and arguing with Ark, saying

Is in no way helping the situation, now you’re coming off quite condescending and rude to me.

  • As I said, if Ark wants to leave, LET ARK LEAVE.

End of story


We agree here.

who said this besides that ONE random orange star


Xaklor, Shatter (I may be wrong here, please correct me if I am), GGaod, there’re probably more.


cough xaklor cough niegil cough ggaod cough you cough countless people on discord cough