The Farewell Thread


Why continue this? Leave it be.



I didn’t want to continue the discussion. Just ignore lel


Maybe cover up that right hand side, it has some secret thing that Mr. Eyeball might not want disclosed in it… :wink:


Nice catch


I’m starting to post more often. I think


Soo I suppose mods won’t ban me even if I ask them to? OK then.

@EpicNecros send fake email to RE mods


send realmeye password so i can send fake email to mods B)




Oh, right, I forgot completely about it lmao


Mods: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:



OwOl is here to save :eye: Mr. Eyeball!


Does everyone think I asked for a ban only because I had a bad day?

I’m not madpeach.



Why is every 2nd fcking community hub/off-topic thread about people yelling at each other, pissing at each other, trigging other people etc.

God, if i wasn’t so used to going on forums, i would’ve left long ago.

I don’t really get this community anymore… We hate on him for one thread (btw, i didnt read the hate, just taking ark’s word for thise), but people are fcking playing with fcking book.

I liked the good old days where RMG would obliterate people and Xaklor would spaz at people, for some reason, no one ever got mad at xaklor and rmg, even those who were yelled out. :thinking:


Wow I’m so disappointed in you guys. You don’t even deserve a cat picture this time…


When… was… this…?


Probably before you got here, in which case we can clearly pull out of this info that you specifically are the cause of all our problems
How dare you?



Edit: I joined before you Nameness.


I know lol


probably 2016 or ealy 2017.