The Farewell Thread


Me: ?


Is this even the farewell thread anymore?


It makes me want to announce my farewell. Does that count?


I guess so :thinking:


You are toxic from what I’ve seen on discord, doesn’t mean I don’t respect or like you. Most people are pretty toxic tbh

Also let me get the Redox situation straight, no one tried to portray Redox as a racist


Shit like this was pinned because it was a joke, Redox himself has said lots of dumb shit there as a joke, dude just took a something that wasn’t serious serious.


You see that invisible PNG file in the 3rd picture with shatter mynamerr RMG and ThatsMyJam?
That’s you


memes are used to cool down conversations???

I always hated meme answers and i always thought it was used to rile people up.


I’m still here dw famsquad
oh wait you mean ark



why tho


Wait, there’s a night mode on this site?




Found it.


Prob lost it because of flags, but when the nods review flags they decide whether its a good flag or not. So now your under flag limit again


nice job getting banned :laughing:

i think the strat is to not ban people so they still come here
Also you changed your profile pic… what happened to this ban?


Lol I’m going to try to do the same thing.

Hey Doc! I don’t want to come anymore! GIve me a ban or give me a regular tag!

/s (pls no)


I still want a ban.

Also Happy birthday to me (RE forums account birthday)


Wait why do u want a ban again?


4 days ago I made this post.


thats offensive to ggaod. How could you ever reach his level of horniness.


@moderators ban me for 2 weeks


[Done — enjoy your vacation! OB]