The Farewell Thread


Ooh kages second ban…


Plot twist. You got regular and then got banned to keep the regular!


At first point, who is Ark to make drama at his leave, lol I do understand he is “famous”(only in RotMG), but making drama because he is leaving, he even said that he is not feeling to be part of this community any longer so again whats the point? You guys just want to insult each other or what? Also you Ark, srsly just shut up for a while instead of continuing this bullshit cus you probably know by yourself that it’s only because of you that this bullshit keeps going on.


Na, it’s because people keep going on about it.


I feel like Realmeye actually turned into Discord or something where you can insult someone/argue rather than post something relative with game lol




Ark was banned
Also there was no argument until someone said basically the equivalent of what you said, which the argument itself frustrated Ark because, guess what, they didn’t want that drama

Look here’s the problem, people are reading stuff someone says in threads like this as “might be an attempt to start drama”
However five seconds of reading that without going into it with that mindset and you’ll realize that something happened, that effected Ark negatively, so they decided to leave, intending no drama whatsoever, in fact I would go so far to claim that the people attacking Ark for intending drama were low-key the ones that intended drama because if those people kept quiet then at least half the drama would be gone


It’s sad when the sub-reddit for something much more positive and accepting than an actual forum for it.


or maybe he could’ve, ya know, just not typed in “Realmeye forums” and logged in. it’s dramatic to ask for a permanent ban. even OB mentioned that in his ban message.


I’m not saying there was nothing dramatic about it I’m saying the intention was not drama


That’s hilarious, I wasn’t even aware OB even knew about the item kageboshi since he hasn’t played in over a year now I think.


Oh crap he permabanned Kageboshi
@OtherBill you done messed up


the picture above is a user desc he did himself

would have been funny tho




I was planning to step away quietly — deleting my characters without a mass lava suicide, discreetly leaving my Discords — but I realize now that I have a few things to say, even if most of it is blather.

I’m not famous, but a lot of people think they might recognize me from somewhere. For those who don’t know me, my main account was Pentaract. I was in the Toasters, played mostly in USS or USSW, and ran with most of the main Discords. I made a handful of popular posts on Reddit and RealmEye and was a wiki mod for the latter. In 2015, when my account was called Timett, I shared a few YouTube montages of incompetent gameplay, including a 20-minute MotMG video that I still get PMs about. I was responsible for the occasional nexus spam of TipsBot, which was meant to provide helpful advice and patchnote info but was probably more annoying than anything. I later got TipsBot to white star for a revamp as a genuinely useful MrEyeball-style bot, but the project fell through when I realized I didn’t want to commit to maintaining it. I was also in closed testing for a couple of months, during which I produced trailers for the Lost Halls and Nest. (The name “Beehemoth” was my idea and you’re all welcome.)

Some personal history: I started playing Realm of the Mad God around the time Kabam took over in 2012. High school went by, along with four elections, two game owners, two jobs, and countless maxed characters. I grew from a teen into a manchild, entered college, and alternated successes and screw-ups. Realm was there through it all. Sure, I tried to quit a few times, but I always came back after a few weeks or months out of boredom, curiosity about new updates, or 'cause this time I’ll just play casually and won’t get hooked.

Six years is a long time. As far as I’m concerned, it’s too long to spend on something like RotMG. The rush of loot drops might still have some hold on me, but the satisfaction and relief I felt when I deleted all my characters and valuables (something I haven’t had the cojones to do until now) is better than any event white. I expect this farewell to be final.

Realm has represented many things to me, and I don’t mean to say that I regret all the time spent in the game or with its community. But I wish I’d quit after my enthusiasm peaked in 2015. (I poured my heart out into this video that summer! It was really downhill from there.) Realm demands heavy time investment (6/8 ain’t what it used to be, but it still represents hours of play), and my priorities have changed. I don’t want to keep shooting the same bosses dozens or hundreds of times for a chance at minor item upgrades. It was one thing to play feverishly in high school, but I can’t respect myself if I keep at it through my twenties — not while I’m missing real opportunities by pew-pewing for hours, and when there are endless entertainment options that aren’t like Skinner boxes.

Realm can be a fun game, but it’s mostly stopped being fun for me. (Though the feeling of reward Realm doles out can seem like fun, especially if you’re addicted.) If any of you feel that your free time could be better spent in other ways; or that you play mainly out of obligation, habit, or a sense that you don’t have anything better to do; or that other aspects of your life have suffered due to your commitment to this game; or that you find it difficult to play in moderation; or that you can’t stop rolling that mystery box until you get that one skin — maybe playing Realm isn’t that good for you. If so, I hope you can find other outlets. Realm is a difficult game to quit, so if you really mean to, you should A) take steps to remove the temptation to play and B) ensure you have something(s) satisfying to replace it with.

The above especially goes for the Realm players who suffer from conditions like depression or anxiety (of which there are unfortunately many). Sure, games like this one can offer an effective escape, but that doesn’t necessarily make them healthy coping mechanisms. Avoidance isn’t a solution to unhappiness. If you recognize that you’re trapped in a self-destructive cycle, I hope that you can find the strength and assistance you need to start breaking it and the resolve to follow through.

Though I have my regrets, I’m still grateful for the chance to have met so many of you over these six years. I’d have quit long ago if the entire community were as lousy as the fame train chat might suggest. I’d inevitably forget some wonderful people if I tried making an all-inclusive list, so I won’t even try to honor everyone individually. A few toasts, then:

Here’s to Wild Shadow for making the game, Kabam for not totally breaking it, and Deca for adopting it. To the committed devs whose passion brought the game to life, and who dream of spaghetti and ActionScript. To the folks locked away in the testing factory, slaving away to make memes and sometimes UGC.

Here’s to co-op. To the teachers of blue stars and their enthusiastic students. To the rushers and healers and brave knights. To the troom callers and the realm closers. To the purple names and the F2Ps. To the non-leechers and the callers of black. To the people who can aim barrels and the ones who are learning.

Here’s to the goofs and entertainers. (The world is a better place with comics like Alty’s and animations like Khorde’s. Henez’s League-inspired montages are immortal.) Here’s to the shitposters, artists, and shitposter artists. To the would-be spriters and whoever made the Thessal GIF. Here’s to the eccentrics: the Tlatoani users, the set enthusiasts, the drake egg hoarders.

Here’s to the helpers: the poor fools who mod Reddit, RealmEye, and Discord; the wiki editors; the guide makers; the programmers and tool designers. The community owes them a great debt for their generous work, so you’d best hope they don’t call it in.

Here’s to Oryx for giving us purpose. To event chests for taking our beatings. To my fellow event bosses. To Guill, for reminding us to watch out when Nut gets mad. To all the forgotten pets starving in the yard.

Here’s to the old-timers I mostly know secondhand, who built the subculture from scratch and preserved some great moments for us. Their legacy reminds us of the days when the community was smaller and nicer, and everything was rose-colored.

Here’s to SwatSec for my free character slots.

Here’s to all the Toasters; crispy, buttered, wheat, or rye; current or former; new noobs or old noobs; inactive or less inactive; and the non-members with browned bread in their hearts — for your terrible art, all-inclusive mockery, and for being the worst guild in all the realms. You’re the silliest nerds I know, and I adore y’all.

One last toast: To those who don’t use the pseudonymity of online gaming to be complete assholes, and those who remember not to take any of this too seriously. Here’s to the people who made Realm of the Mad God worth playing at all, if not forever.

For everybody who messaged TipsBot “I love you” — TipsBot loves you too.

In parting, here’s a clip of me screwing up a guild shatters, because there are more important things than clean runs and UTs. Thanks for the memories and memes.


Sad to see you go ;w;

But have no fear for the wiki - as should be expected of me, I can always fill in u,w,u


Fuck Pentaract, sad to see you go. Valid points though and I’m wondering if I have the willpower to follow in your footsteps. Though I’m not quite 20 yet LOL noob :wink:


Sad to see ya go, even though technically I barely saw you, I only just recently discovered you were a wiki mod


Shit man, this kinda hit me hard. I loved your vids and actually had your realmeye page favorited…it’s good that you’re moving on to new things but I’m really sad to see you go.

(side note, that toast actually made me tear up)


I’m taking a hiatus from the forum, not sure how long exactly. Personal reasons.
If you see me on Realm I’ll still greet ya though.
It’s been fun, at least for the most part… :wave:t2: