The Farewell Thread


Farewell, good Sen. Enjoy your life.


See you Solo :smile: Stay safe


I started playing realm back in 2014, in middle school with friends such as Iwlijump and SgtAsian, but as we moved onto high school, the school group disbanded, as many of them have quit realm.
I still played the game because I used to genuinely enjoy playing the game. I would become elated when I got white bags or rare drops.
But as time worn on, realm has negatively affected both my emotional health and my academic performance.
When I got my 2nd jugg or my first void white, the elation I felt when getting a white bag as a blue star was gone.
niegil died.
The game became repetitive, unfair and boring.
The spark that has infused my desire to play realm has reached the end of the cord.
Therefore, I take my leave from realm.
I would like to thank the members and former members of Regal Lords, Beach Zone and Final Oryxes for making my time in game more enjoyable.
I like to thank all the regulars, the active non-regulars and the moderators for making my experience here on the forums a truly memorable one.
@moderators ban me and @Shendyt forever.


[Best of luck in your future endeavors, but I’m not about to ban a different account based on your request alone. Feel free to log in to @Shendyt and request a ban from over there. OB]


D: am sad


Good night, god of Boshi. Good luck in the rest life u_u


Miss ya bud…


Goodbye old friend. I don’t think you remember me, but we duo’ed a tomb once :frowning: Hope you will still be on the forums.


Goodbye. Kinda had bad feelings bout you for a bit (you rejected me form from beach zone :frowning: ), but still sad to see ya leave (for a bit).


If he rejected you from Beach Zone it was definitely either because you didn’t seem like a good fit or you didn’t make reqs. Not for some personal reason.


I’m gonna quit rotmg for good (maybe). I will still be on the forums from time to time. Bye :wave:


Yeah, I was a shitty player, and didn’t think it was personal. Still hurt tho.



Nobody leaves for good :slight_smile:


i really should quit.

the chest events keep on grabbing me with its no life aspect, also that i would have literally nothing else to do in life or than attempt to write my book and read.


Hey guys. Due to recent events, I’m probably not going to be playing/on the forums for a long time. I’m probably going to have a very difficult few years ahead of me, but that’s okay. It really saddens me that I won’t be able to play with or visit the community I’ve spent so much time with. I’d write a giant paragraph about how much Realm and the community have brightened my life, but I won’t bore you guys. All I’ll say is that I hope you all do great things in the future and continue to develop yourselves :^)

Until next time,


I hope the coming years won’t be too harsh on you. Keep living <3


Bye teddy westside.


I have a rather shitty infection which is keeping me at home and also want to spend time away from RotMG thanks to the 6/8 samurai death and time consuming events. And during college I spent way too much time on forums to the point where 80% of the time I checked in there were no unread or new threads. I need to spend some time doing different things.

No one cares, but I’ll be back soon.
See you guys.


A well-deserved break - I think you’ll feel much better with a broader horizon like that.
Or at least some-thing like that. ;3


Yeah, and I’m leaving this forum for good too (probably.) Nice knowing all of you. Goodbye for forever, maybe.


@Orsome sad to see you go. I’ll be here with open arms (duck wings? dog paws?) to welcome you back.

@RyanYoon sad to see you go. You’ll always be a pair of glasses on a nose to me.