The Farewell Thread


More like “grow out of f2p browser games and buy themselves a better PC and/or a console with better games”.

That’s a pretty standard kind of evolution: buy yourself better games, play less often, use games as a stress reliever instead of nolifing them.


Rmg better not be quitting on us when you have your mid life crisis D:


Hey guys,

I’m going to be off Realmeye for a few weeks. Regs will know why. Don’t worry, I’ll still be on occasionally in game but I just need time to work on a project.

I’ll be back!


Bye guys happy new year just a bit butthurt about ogmur death cya in a few months


21_PM Goodbye RotMG quitting for good


It was really fun while it lasted. Unsure if I’ll come back to check rotmg out when it gets fully ported to Unity.

~ Pusat/EliteBlaze/Elit3Blaze/Fx3Blaze


New update.

My previous post was made when I was being kicked out of my parent’s house because they found out through a friend I confided in that I was bisexual. They gave me until the 10th to get a GED (I would graduate and get a diploma in May) and join the armed services.

After thinking about my options I decided to pursue a diploma, so I contacted a friend and was able to arrange an agreement where I would pay rent and be able to live with his family. This is pretty much a godsend as it’s incredibly difficult to join the Air Force and even more difficult to pursue the career I want inside the force with a GED.

I’m pretty pumped about the future. I was pretty disheartened for a while there but, that’s over. I’ll be lurking the forums and actually playing Realm from time to time. C:


Geez, that sucks. I’m glad that you have found a place to be, and wish you the best of luck in your future.


Its taken me a couple days to get over this, but I’ll move on. My most beloved character to this date (dubbed Santa Rogue and according to realmeye, still alive) got absolutely rekt. It was all my fault for forgetting marble defender arrows silence…
I’m actually planning to come back once I’ve cooled down a little bit. I’m currently in my junior year of high school, and I don’t want to be messing up with that (unless I’ve only got 4 months left to live… in that case things are different). I’m really glad that I was able to get my feet wet with this game again, and I will certainly say I don’t regret everything I did while I played.
I don’t care whoever you are, but thanks. Even if I talked to you, completed a dungeon with you, hell, attacked a rock with you, thanks for making this experience for me.
@Graed (you’re probably not on the forums lol) but if you wait a couple more months, santa rogue will be back. I promise. :slight_smile: And you’re on the top of his good boy list.


Hey gl in junior year.


Bi buds!! :D image

Good luck for the future, hope to see you in-game d^u^b


I think I’ve been permanently locked out of my account.
and I think this is it for me guys…

It was fun playing realm and talking on the forums with y’all.

If I can’t work something out, peace, out :v: .


See ya rich.


I just went through a very similar process. I went back and forth with support for over a year because the account I was using was on an E-Mail that I didn’t have access to, and I forgot the password. My problem was instead that I could not remember the final security question. I managed to miraculously guess it after over a year and got my account back finally.

The thing is, throughout my fairly long E-Mail exchange with support, it seemed to me that It was never made apparent that providing the latest three gold payments was a MANDATORY step, I provided them anyway, but I don’t think they ever asked.

I think you should contact them again, explain the situation fully (maybe not that the account used to belong to a friend, that might be against TOS I’m not sure). Tell them that you used a gift card and so on.

It’s a long shot, because DECA is strict with their shitty policies and rules which make no sense. But good luck regardless my friend, hopefully you managed to resolve the situation.


is there a welcome back thread lol


The Farewelln’t Thread ;)


I reckon you could use the introduction thread if anything.
And hey, welcome back! :slight_smile:


screw this game im leaving forever
@moderators ban me for as long as you possibly can

if anyone wants to know why: Famek#2614


This isn’t goodbye forever, but it is for now. After running a guild for almost three years, playing the game for nine, it’s time to take another break. I have to focus on my clienteles’ projects and seriously start searching for a full time job. When I’m spending an upwards of twelve to twenty hours a day programming, realm just isn’t a past time I can sit down and enjoy on the side. Hopefully life will work itself out sooner than later!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

What if: fame history graph = stock market?