The Farewell Thread


Why are you quitting?


This is probably goodbye forever.
I bitch about this game constantly and I often make sarcastic comments about it’s slow development. I’ve been bored for 6 months or so and really have had nothing to do in the game that interests me. LMAO. Tonight I died on my warrior with a Jugg and it was complete non-sense. You could shake this off as a rage quit but since the game actually bores me to death, this incident has pushed to just say to hell with it altogether. I won’t trash talk the game though. While it has changed quite a bit since I started in 7th grade, I can tell it still holds the same hook that it had all those years ago. I’ve enjoyed hours of this game and really enjoyed a lot of things on this forum. Sorry if you grew attached to me, but this is death has given me a great reason to quit. And so I’m quitting. Farewell.


@moderators ban me for 1 day plz


Reality Check: by requesting a ban, you will lose your Regular status. Is that what you want?

[Just show a little willpower, dude! OB]


@everybody who requests bans LOL


hmmmm… ill miss out on those giveaways… how bout no


[That’s what I thought. OB]


Some of us would have to request bans to quit, that’s how addicted we are.

like me if I ever wanted to




yea but he doesnt like u
/s luv u ark


X to doubt





i still mean it
you were being a little shit and causing drama for no apparent reason

doesnt mean i dont like u


@OtherBill Permaban me
For real this time

Off-Centered vs Centered




Enjoy your vacation. Let me know when you’d like me to let you back in!


RIP Ark. :sob:


Oii everybody! I have to leave for a bit in about a week. I have to do Navy basic training in Illinois, and I can’t have my phone, so I can’t use the internet or play any video games until I get through it. I don’t plan to leave the forums or the game anytime soon, so you don’t have to worry about that. I leave on April 4th, and then my birthday is April 6th. I have to fly up there and it will be my first time being anywhere besides the east coast. I got a job as a Cryptologist Technician, they do training in Pensacola FL so i’ll be going there for 6 months after I finish basic training. I’ll be back while i’m in Pensacola. Hopefully I won’t lose regular while i’m at basic training. I love you guys :heart:


Good luck, happy birthday and I look forward to seeing you again!