The Farewell Thread


that’s fairly impressive for a female. Y’all got less upper body strength so it’s like twice as hard to do the same amount of pushups. Good job brohiem :+1:


Can I be the weirdo in the back?




you’re a white star now?


Well… (insert stereotypical sigh), I guess this is it. School has kicked me in the ass and shoved me into a little diddy called reality. When I started this game about 5 and a half years ago, never did I think it would take over 60 days of my life. Life really hits you, huh. I have been less and less interested in RotMG aside from the various PPE’s that inevitably die after a couple hundred (or thousand) fame. I might do a giveaway later, but I’m hoping I come back at a better time. I’m probably not coming back until senior year of high school (when I hopefully have time to actually play games), so this is it for the foreseeable future. I’d like to shout out a lot of the people, on RealmEye and not, that have made this experience so fun for me and something I’m never going to forget.

Favorite Forumers




And last but certainly not least, I’d like to thank @Shatter, @Niegil, @OtherBill, and @Doc for being able to manage this shithole and drama-filled forum. Don’t ban me, but I’m probably not looking at this account for a while.

Thank you.


And, I had to add my guildies in a new post.

Best Guildmates



Pretty sure @Rammernaut was a grill.


oopsie doodles


oof, good luck in school


Thing is, it’s not a group art…at least not for now. It’s individual pieces where the spotlight is only on one realmer. For this case, I’m drawing them based on their profile picture, and in some specific cases, I’m drawing their main character.

Somewhere down the future, I’ll definitely draw a group art featuring you guys. My only problem is that there may be so many regulars that I just can’t fit em all into one drawing, but we’ll see about that uwu


Decided to scroll up. Never seen the navy standards before wow :o I presume the curl-ups and push-ups are in a longer duration of time, because over here, they test on one minute, and I doubt the requirements I’m seeing above are based on one minute. But I’ll just call out my results here

Been a while since I did those physical tests. In one minute, I can only do about 30 push-ups at most. As for curl-ups, or crunches as they call it here, I can do about 45 in one minute before I start regretting my existence.

As for 1.5mile, or 2.4km here, I kinda know how to manage my stamina despite being weak af and exhausted half the time. I manage at around 10m on average, and then I die for one day because of how tired my legs are. Just not used to all this strenuous activity and tests haha


I think i’m good on sit ups and I might be able to pull off passing the push ups, but i’m not sure how well the run’s going to go


May I ask what position?

The General Chat Thread

The run’s really just a long endurance test. My only tip for you is to never walk, that’s game over for anyone, you will find it too hard to get your momentum back without feeling the heavy weight on your energy.

My shortest time was barely at 9:30, and that was cuz I jogged for about 90% of the entire run. Speed isn’t the key unless you’re aiming for gold or something. As long as you jog for almost the entire run, you should pass it~

edit: Probably should also advice on what should the jogging speed be. Everyone has a unique speed they are comfortable with. You should be jogging at a speed where you don’t feel too much strain on your legs, but not too slow such that someone speed-walking could outrun you.

Always good to try and find that golden zone of speed to optimise your energy and distance covered, spend the first few m finding that. If you feel a strain, slow down a bit but don’t start walking. When you feel less tired, jog a little faster.


Good luck buddy


rip my 6th grade body which was insanely good at sit-ups, we did them by the minute and i got 80-something, way highest in my class
(but i was also small af, so im fine being average height now)


Sad to see chu go star :c
But gud luck at school and everything else you do in life :3


Sad to see you go. Hope school goes well for you! Mind I ask what grade?


Same as Gaod, so a underclassman


Not to be harsh, but that much homework only in 9th grade?