The Farewell Thread


Good on you for taking a break from Realm. Work hard but try to have some fun as well, good luck with school!


Curl ups are EZ. and I can run a roughly 6 minute mile, and do around 150 curl ups. Sadly, my arms are weak af, and I can only go around 20 pushups. Though yeah, those standards are pretty fucking high.


All honors and an ap along with Spanish 3 is a lot and I wanna build better habits now before the real shit kicks in (3 aps sophomore year kill me)


Hi, Im ytgha.
You probably don’t know me, as all I really contributed to the community being almost rl in public shatters.
I am forced to quit this game after I woke up in the morning, and realize all my characters got deleted, my vault empty, and my pets released.
I emailed deca, but I don’t think anything will happen.
Well, I guess thats the end…


you should be able to get deleted characters back.
if you quit, ah well that sucks, i wish you luck in the future


deca is kinda known for his irresponsiveness
I know crashers and hackers, whom i personally sent report to deca, not being banned or affected at all


it tends to be more responsive with character and pet deletion.

they have records of that sorta thing.

if your vault items were dropped it might be a problem, but if you died with them on you it should be okay :)


AP in freshman year? That’s not a thing were I am. Also i’m currently taking 3 aps and it’s not as hard as you would expect. I procrastinate on everything which makes it exponentially more difficult. Honestly kind of regret it because I’m practically taking double next year and all of them are much more difficult.


AP’s vary from school to school, my high school didn’t let any 9th graders take APs, while in a couple others in the same school district they’re allowed to take them.

Also definitely start building good study/sleep habits now, once you take more it will really suck balls to get good at that and still do all the work.


nvm about me quitting…
deca got my chars and pets back :smiley:


That’s great! To prevent this in the future, change your password up, don’t share your password with anybody, and be sure that you are playing on the official client.


You can get that pet back, and your characters. RIP about your vault though :frowning:


Nvm, I didn’t see your post


All I do nowadays is play minecraft, rotmg, or watch youtube. Basically wait until night to do my hw and go to sleep around 12:15 and wake up at 6:10. Sad life


Me, except I go to sleep at 10:45 and wake up at 6:00


It has been a great experience and a really fun 7 1/2+ years.
I have went from lows of having to rebuild after suiciding with items and trying to quit and i’ve been at the highs with multiple 8/8’s.
I feel as though i have lost my drive to play realm, and considering I haven’t properly played in almost a year, it is time to end it.
I have been addicted, playing 12 hours a day, but those days are sadly over, and it is sad for me to leave a game i’ve played since an early age behind.
Thank you to all the friends i’ve spent countless hours with in skype, teamspeak and discord calls.
It’s been a good time. <3


When you see this post, that’s what three different types of ppl will do :slight_smile:

  • some will like your post

  • some another will just ignore this comment

  • and some ppl will ask you to give them your leftovers items

So, what kind of people are you ?!


Leftovers definitely, @prodsux free items plz?


after over 7 yrs of playing rotmg its getting to be too much. even after i got a ton of decas from @Zuzu i just don’t have as much time as i used to and even forgot to login for a couple of days. My main reason for wanting to stop playing is it adds too much stress on my life when i don’t have a maxed char which is most of the time. I may be quitting soon and just wanted to say my farewells, but plan to eventually return to rotmg even if I do decide to quit


for the time being i’ll keep playing, but i’m slowly losing interest in it. may change my mind if i happen to get a biff helm